Social Strategy

How did your recent 'facebook campaign' go? A common question amongst hoteliers these days, as new 'likes' are no longer considered to be free and more & more hotels opt for paid social media advertising.

Social media is a great forum to engage with your customers, hence it is important to have a 'social strategy' rather than short term actions because you feel you have to do something. Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Facebook are now offering 'promoted updates' and it is important to allocate some of your marketing budget towards these channels.

In order to measure your success, chose wisely and select your target audience and post carefully. Too often companies use their social media accounts to bombard clients with irrelevant information. Re-targeting campaigns based on users buying behaviour, preferences, likes and network are much more effective and easier to measure. Set yourself goals, integrate social media into your overall marketing strategy and measure your results. For example, setting up E-commerce tracking would be a first important step. For more information, contact Senior Marketing Manager, Cara Shields on [email protected] for further information. Cara will be delighted to chat you through the different option.