Preparing for Recovery

A short analysis on some of the better articles out there dealing with the topic.

In this article, Aró have taken some time to review some of the Covid-19 recovery plans that are online and that present essential information to hotels to support them in formulating their own recovery plans, in advance of the market returning.

  1. Aró launched its own Recovery Plan with its clients in early April, and the plan is aimed at maximising the recovery for our participating clients and is based on improving each clients position within our 4 Pillars strategy:

    Customer Acquisition

    Increasing the client hotel’s exposure to their target market online

    Customer Engagement

    Improving their customers engagement on the clients own website

    Customer Conversion

    Improving their customer’s conversion through the booking process

    Customer Loyalty

    Encouraging their customer to return

    To date, the program is going very well and you can read more about it here.
    Our Recovery Plan
  2. One of the best websites that I have been on with information relating to how hotels can look to recover is the BLLA’s (The official organization for the world’s boutique lifestyle leaders in hospitality & travel) official information website for their boutique hotels On the home page of, there are a number of very informative reads, including;
    1. 5 Reason why hotel are revamping their photography

      I found this article to be very light and refreshing in how it dealt with the topic and would certainly motivate me to advise our clients to consider revamping their photography over the next 3-4 months.
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    2. Boost hotel employees spirits

      This is a topic that certainly merits attention and is one of only a very few article, that I have personally take a few of their pointers to help boost our own staff’s spirits here in Aró.
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    3. Crisis guide rules

      This is an excellent article from key leaders in the hospitality industry where they discuss their insights into rules, regulations and investments amid the pandemic.
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  3. How Hoteliers view Covid-19

    This is an excellent article from Patrick O’Flaherty, one of Irelands leading hospitality experts, on how Hoteliers view Covid-19 and is certainly worth a read
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  4. 10 Ways to Prepare your Hotel for the Rebound have an excellent article with the topic of Top 10 Ways to Prepare your Hotel for the Rebound in Travel Demandand this article deals with how to prepare for the initial rise in travel demand. It is the second article in a three-part series focused on each phase of a hotel's COVID-19 recovery strategy and you can download the full series here.
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  5. Mason Rose recently sent on an initiative of theirs to Aró, which I am delighted to share in this blog. It is an excellent Sales and PR program, aimed at hotels in the UK, Portuguese, and Spanish markets and designed to maximise the sales and PR opportunities in their domestic market, given this is likely to be the first geographical market to return.
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  6. UK Quarantine Restrictions

    The BBC have a series of excellent articles across a range of topics related to Recovery and Travel and this one on UK Quarantine Restrictions I found particularly beneficial
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  7. Irish Tourism Recovery Taskforce

    The Irish Independent are running an article on the new Irish Tourism Recovery Taskforce, which is a model that I hope most leading tourist countries adopts
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  8. 10 Point Plan

    I found the TUI website ( to be one of the best in terms of how they deal with the tricky topic of how to manage all the complex communications to their 27 Million customers around Covid-19 across their many travel related businesses. They also have an excellent ’10 point plan’ for hotel operations which is nicely summarised in this article
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  9. 10 Insights From Cornell’s Industry Recovery Webinar

    This is also a very informative article, published on the Revinate website that deals with the common thread of what the top 10 top 10 items that hotels need to focus on. There are some common items that keep cropping up on most top reviews including cleanliness, staycations, technology/digital, tax measures and staff safety
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