Drive More Revenue With Black Friday And Cyber Monday Bookings

What is Black Friday? 

In America, the day after Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November) has long been regarded as the traditional start of the Christmas holiday shopping season. It is now informally called Black Friday. What started as a one day US event has become a worldwide shopping phenomenon that now ends on Cyber Monday. This is essentially the same event on the Monday, which has resulted in promotions targeted at online buyers throughout a four day period. 

The impact of Black Friday is increasingly empowering new industries and territories. The focus has changed from a high street retail event to online, and the travel and hospitality sectors are well placed to take advantage of this shift. 
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Here there are 7 tips to drive more revenue for your luxury or boutique hotel during the holiday season.

1. Be COVID-19 Conscious

This year because of the Coronavirus crisis, it is essential that your marketing messages, while upbeat, reflect guests' concerns and priorities around the pandemic. For example, a discount on vouchers for one of your hotel experiences may convert better than a reduced rate on a room booking. 

2. Determine the appropriate channel

Choosing the right marketing channels to promote your campaigns will help you to target your audience more effectively. It will also ensure that the money, time and energy spent provide a great return. There are plenty of options:

  • Search Engines: Search engines like Google and Bing provide a wide range of opportunity to stand out. These options include paid ads, organic visibility and your Google business listing where you can post offers.

  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter all provide both organic and paid opportunities for your resort. 

  • E-mail Marketing: A holiday e-mail campaign is a great way to engage your contacts and is a proven way of driving revenue. You should also include your hotel holiday offers and vouchers in your regular newsletters. 

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Every marketing channel is unique and has a different kind of audience. You must know your audience and which channel resonates the most for them. 

3. Make it clear that time is of the essence 

Time pressure is a key driver for these promotions. Nobody wants to miss out on that magical night at their dream hotel. Create exclusive offers with a defined time limit.

You can use a countdown clock on your website to make sure they know the exclusive booking is valid for a limited time. 

Display automatic messages which highlight that other users have booked deals on your website- this social proof encourages other visitors to book.

4. Maintain your visitors’ interest

Once you have engaged a browser you don’t want to lose their interest and let them leave your website. Drive their curiosity!

Displaying a popup after a certain time can highlight your special offers during Cyber Monday. For example, suppose a visitor has been inactive for 10s. Display a message about holiday season offers and recapture their interest. 

5. Offer exclusivity to your loyal guests 

Guest loyalty is essential for growth and especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Returning guests tend to spend more than new guests.
Capture more sales by offering previous guest early access to Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers and special promotions. Make them feel special and get ahead of the competition. 

6. Use your email list 

Email campaigns are still one of the most effective tools in your marketing arsenal. There are two approaches to email marketing for Black Friday:

  1. Previous guests. Offer them a VIP hotel voucher that makes them feel special. Since they have already experienced your hotel, they are more likely to return. 
  2. Potential guests. Email potential guests the offers you will have each day, so they keep checking your website. When you are promoting specific items make sure the images are clickable and then they can go directly to the landing page to buy. 

Pay attention to your email subject lines. Try not to make them sound too promotional.

7. Add new vouchers 

Affiliate guests love browsing through new vouchers even if they are regular guests. You can add new gift vouchers in two different ways:

  • Add several new items a few days before Black Friday. The additional choice of new vouchers could deliver extra bookings without the cost of promotion before the holiday season. 
  • Add new gift experiences that are exclusively available on Black Friday. Boost on the day conversions with a banner that say "Black Friday exclusive".

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