We Promise You: A Unique Luxury Boutique Resort Value Proposition That Converts

Some resorts are built on the basis of delivering the ultimate luxury. Are you one of them? What makes your super luxury boutique resort different from others?

The answer(s) should turn the heads of your potential guests, pique their interest and lead them to book with you – it delivers your unique luxury resort’s value proposition.

This proposition should appear big and bold wherever your guests may see your brand- your website, a billboard, online ad, social media campaigns, OTAs, and hotel magazines.

What is a unique value proposition for a luxury boutique resort?

Your value proposition not only should tackle the pain of your guests, but also provide clear, positive benefits for them. You must answer these questions first:
  • Who are your guests? 
  • What do your guests demand?
  • Why should they pick you rather than your competitors? 
  • What special values do you provide them? 
  • How can you deliver these?  

Remember that it is not your logo or your slogan; it is not even your business or the experience you offer. 

A great proposition takes the perspective of your ideal guests and matches the qualities of your resort to address their needs. 

If you reach a point where your customers choose you first and are disappointed if they can’t book with you then you have product/market fit – a sales and marketing dream.

How do you create a good unique value proposition?

There are two techniques – one simple and one advanced.

The simple technique

Authentic value propositions have similar elements which effectively and concisely convey information to guests. Here’s our guide:

1. Attention grabbing headline

Your headline is the first thing which guests see and must be sufficiently eye-catching and stimulating to convince them to keep continue investing time and attention. 

They have to understand quickly that you offer the best solution for their issues or unique benefits.

2. Visual element

If you want to convey your message strongly, harness the power of imagery to reinforce your message. Ensure you use images which transit the main point of your message.

These could be images of your resort such as the banquet hall for weddings, the beach for your home page, the swimming pool for leisure etc. Depending on your location, consider seasonal images of your hotel.  

3. Be concise in your copy

2 to 4 sentences per paragraph is the ideal way to convey your message without burdening the reader. 

Also consider the details of your special offers. They should answer the following questions:
  • What do you offer?
  • Who is it for?
  • How will it benefit them?
  • What makes your hotel so special?

Don't drown your website with lists of irrelevant details. Some of your offers will be standard for your guests - stick to the big ones.

4. Bullet points

List your main benefits and features with bullet points. Explain what you provide, who it is for and why they should book with you. Show brevity along with the promise. 

Use powerful language which grabs guests’ attention and makes them want to learn more. This article has great tips on powerful words for marketing.

The advanced technique

Kevin Keller - in his Harvard business article - offers a powerful framework to help identify your value proposition.

Points of parity:

Benefits you're offering to guests which share commonality with your competitors are your points of parity. Don't focus too much here.

Add these features to your activity descriptions and reinforce them in your imagery and testimonials.

They will attract your guests, but they will not differentiate you in the luxury resort market.

Points of difference:

The benefits which are exclusively yours, resonate with your target audience and are not offered by competitors. 

These are the experiences which make you unique and standout.

Add these factors to your messaging through images, product description, reviews and any other tools at your disposal.

Points of irrelevance:

If you have the latest and greatest of everything but your prospects don't care, then ignore any messaging that refers to these benefits.

Overall, create your unique value proposition, communicate it clearly, measure its effectiveness and refine it.

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What are the features of a clear value proposition?

  • It can be read and understood in under 20 seconds.
  • It defines what makes you unique.
  • It uses clear, powerful language, not vague phrases such as "best rated" or “unbeatable offer”.
  • It conveys to guests the value of staying with you.


As a first step, you need to know your customer persona. Second, specify your brand personality

Last but certainly not least, measure your value proposition with both A/B tests and PPC advertising.