2014 Predictions for Digital Marketing

2013 proved to be the year of the mobile, and it doesn't end there. 2014 promises even more for mobile with 4G launching this year. Video on mobile is the next big thing!


YouTube; Google’s video property will enable advertisers demographic & interest based targeting options; charging the advertiser only when a user actually elects to watch a video. Google will be capable of making more productive use of its advertising budgets which accounts for 63% of ad spend globally.

Possibilities are endless: If TV advertisers divert somewhat from traditional advertising methods and spend approx. 15% of their TV spend on YouTube, Google will double their Adwords revenue and far more than their $100 billion revenue mark. NOTE Google have predicted 20% of the advertising market share within 5 years.  

Short Video is predicted to dominate the marketing world in 2014, with popular networks like Vine reaping the benefits. Instagram’s video upload have also encouraged this trend and brands have already started experimenting with video to share brand experiences.  

B2B Education: In 2014 we will see more B2B organisations move toward adopting educating strategies. Educating customers on the value and potential of their services, intriguing the right audience to purchase.  


Content marketing becoming more targeted:

Trends suggest that traditional marketing techniques such as; television and radio ads are becoming less effective. Inbound marketing strategies beleived to be more engaging and more appealing to the audience.

Social media platforms have also proven to achieve greater results for marketers and it has become obvious that a constant barrage of information and advertisements are being received in a negative light, leading to marketers taking a different approach. Efforts are starting to be made to tone down campaigns.  


Further rippling effects of PRISM on Digital Marketing:

Designing social campaigns that are personal and relatable are proving an effective strategy for marketers. However, in South Africa the POPI Act (Protection of Personal Information) will be introduced in 2014, forcing a change concerning personal information. 

Businesses in developing economies who process personal information must now comply as well. Social marketing will combine the real world and online world.  


Examples of effective Social Media:

Coca Cola’s Share a Coke campaign

Fashion retailer Urban Hilton Weiner’s ‘pay with a selfie’ campaign

Carling Black Label's interactive taste challenge.


Smartphone apps: Digital replications of existing websites.

As noted above, mobile platforms are predicted to take off in 2014. All businesses will take advantage of this tool in order to reach new heights within their markets.  

Social Media Marketing: Increased demand for Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram social media platforms enable businesses to publish more engaging content.  

Rise in Image-Centric Content: The need for traditional text-based content will always be there, however it’s clear that incorporating images is beneficial to a marketing campaign. 2014 is about taking what we do now and improving on it.  

Wider adoption of HTML5: making the inbox a dynamic place where consumers can experience content directly.

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