Digital Industry Updates 2013

Google Updates

Penguin 2.0:

In May, 2013 the first of the year’s major algorithm updates was introduced; quality content, greater number of landing pages, adding sitemaps, improving social media presence.


Google announced a significant change to their algorithm in August, 2013. Google’s search engine now focuses on content and relevance of individual pages to search query, rather than focusing on the site in its entirety.

Cross Device Tracking:

October 1st; Google announced the launch of Estimated Total Conversions, enabling us to track conversions across devices. Google will track the entire journey to conversion and give credit to each of the touch points along the way.

Google Databoard:

An interactive tool enabling users to quickly find what they need from Google’s vast archives of industry leading research. Turn charts and data points into info- graphics that you can share via social media platforms.

Google Adwords Updates

Image Ad Extensions: Available via beta and limited to a small number of clients, but they will be rolled out over the coming months. This addition allows advertisers to add new visual elements to search ads.

Upgraded Sitelink Details: Additional information regarding the company.  NOTE  They take up more space above the fold, pushing your competitors further down the page.

Review Ad Extensions: Information appears below your ad on Google SERP’s, just like sitelink extensions. It involves a line from the particular review and a link to the third party reviewer (Click through's to the reviewer site won't result in charges). The review must be from a “reputable” source in order to be published.

Google Enhanced Campaigns: Introduced in July

Manage complex targeting, bidding, and ads for mobile and computers all within the same campaign. Account management has also been consolidated for tablets and desktops. NOTE: You no longer need to create a separate campaign for each target device type or location.

Social Media Updates

Social Media has been further integrated into Google’s SERP ranking algorithm. Google provides real-time social sharing in the search results in particular for those using it’s own social networking platforms; Google plus and building links to your YouTube account.

Google +: GPlusData

This tool enables you to grow your Google+ circles using its search features by; topic, age, relationship status, gender, country, occupation, language, education, and employer.


Hashtags – #Copycats 

Algorithm update: News Feed Updates reshuffled depending on level of interaction (likes and comments) essentially rewarding quality content. 

Scheduling Facebook Posts: capability simplified.


Self-Service Twitter Ads: A new advertising platform to; promote your tweets | account. 

Twitter Teaser: Vizify: Create a trailer for your Twitter account using recent tweets, mentions, replies and photos merging them into a teaser video. The content and music is editable.


The Implications of PRISM for Digital Marketers:

The social contract has been breached, the results of which have had a ripple effect on digital marketing. Internet users are now more than ever wary of the information they make available. 

Mobile generating traffic:

Mobile is now receiving an 80% higher share of clicks than they did of adspend, making mobile clicks great value in driving traffic to your website.

Video Marketing Trend:

Videos are driving large amounts of traffic to sites, as well as a means of promoting events. 

Compelling content is key:

Companies that blog attract 55% more visitors, Leads from organic search have a 14.6% close rate, 61% of shoppers prefer brands that offer custom content, Video attracts 3 times more inbound links, Articles with images get 94% more views, and finally viewers are 85% more likely to buy after they watch a product video.

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