Best Practice, Online Marketing Top online predictions for 2013

Find out more about our top digital predictions for this year.

1) Social care: Customers increasingly use social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook to contact companies. To harness the opportunities offered by this growing trend, we suggest that you dedicate time and resources to react and respond to all queries submitted via your social media channels. 

2) Interactive web content: Engaging your website visitors and social media followers with rich and interactive content is key to a prosperous online presence. Since travellers are watching more videos as part of their destination research, we recommend that you invest in creating high-quality video content in the coming year.

3) Responsive web design: Websites designed with responsive features provide the best possible viewing experience – regardless of what mobile or tablet device the customer is using. With the constant introduction of new devices, we believe that the implementation of responsive website design will become very important in the coming years.

4) Google Finder: The introduction of Google’s new hotel finder service was one of the most significant digital developments this year and it will remain a major influence on online bookings in 2013. To respond to this trend appropriately, it is essential that your company has a Google Local Page enriched with contact details, images and description. We also advise that you encourage your customers to submit reviews here about your business.

5) Experts through experience: Your business is represented by people with a wide range of different skills. From your sommelier through your head housekeeper to your pastry chef, they all have unique expertise. Share their knowledge with your customers! Whether you are hosting a Q&A session on Twitter, posting a video on Facebook or blogging on your website, these activities will increase loyalty to your brand.