The golden rules of digital marketing

There must be as many books about the 'golden rules of marketing' as there are fish in the sea...

But how can you really catch the 'big fish'?

It's simple. Make a plan!

Too many companies are starting to run before they can walk and think, a shiny new website will do the tick. But it won't. When we start working with some of our clients, they don't even have Google Analytics set up. Start by understanding your market and define the following areas.

What is your overall objective?
Who is your target audience?
Who are your competitors and what are their strengths and weaknesses?
How are you going to achieve your goals, who is going to do it and by when?

Measure your actions and be open to change your plan if it is not working. Ask your industry peers about best practice and use online marketing as an opportunity to try something new without big cost implication. As with everything, check the terms on condition, as 'special offers' can quickly go viral and ensure you manage your inventory effectively.

Digital marketing is part of your overall marketing strategy; it supports your offline sales and marketing activities and helps 'the news to travel faster'. One doesn't go without the other, be consistent and creative in order to outperform the market, and let our marketing experts help you setting up successful campaigns.

You know your product best and we will make sure this is reflected online, too.