Thursday, 08 August 2013

Words of advice about email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for customer relationship management. If used effectively, it can deliver one of the highest return-on-investments of any electronic marketing activity. It is one of the most established, yet still one of the most powerful of all e-marketing tactics. 

Top content tips  

If you want to get the most out of your email marketing activities, take note of the following tips:

  • Use catchy subject titles in order to attract the recipient’s attention.
  • Know your audience. If you are unclear about your target market, it will be difficult to convey your message effectively. 
  • Opt for simplicity. People are very busy and do not spend more than a few seconds on your emails. Use clear, short, simple and concise messages.
  • Be innovative. Stand out from the crowd. Remember that the consumers are saturated with messages. 
  • The included links should be visible and easily accessible. Do not forget to check that they work correctly. 
  • The timing is essential. Test and monitor what days of the week and time of the day you get the most responses.  
  • Make sure each of your emails is an integral part of your overall marketing strategy.
  • When you get customer feedback, always respond within a short time frame. 
  • Be visual, use your best imagery. Be careful though that no crucial information is contained within the images. If the recipients email images are turned off or blocked, you run the risk of losing your message too. 

Technical recommendations

  • From the technical point of view, the efficiency of an email marketing campaign depends on the code.  A common misconception about the inner workings of an HTML email that it can deliver everything that an HTML website can do. 
  • Unfortunately this is not the case. 
  • There are many different ways to view an HTML email (Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and none of them will read your html email exactly the same way. The more complicated the code, the more chances for error.  

Best practice to avoid:

  • Background images
  • Invisible text
  • Java, JavaScript, frames, ActiveX, ASP, PHP, dynamic HTML
  • Forms or rich media (link to them as an alternative) 
  • Excessive use of CSS
  • Highly recommended: 
  • Title tags in html links to increase readability
  • A text version of the email included 
  • Tags: <p></p> instead of <div></div> as <p> is more recognised amongst email clients
  • Images only in .gif or .jpg format
  • Clean html code to make sure email file size is at a minimum
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