Thursday, 03 November 2016

Brand Pay Per Click Advertising Your Weapon in the Fight Against Online Travel Agencies OTAs

Tired of Trivago taking the spotlight off your hotel? Exasperated with Expedia earning so much from your business? All too familiar with opportunistic OTAs profiting from your business? Yes, OTAs and metasearch platforms are necessary for increasing the visibility of your hotel business, but as a business owner, director, manager or marketing executive, you are the one that puts in the hard work. Don't let other channels snag the top spot in Google! It's time to take back your portion of direct bookings with Brand Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising.

It may seem counterintuitive to bid on your own brand name (after all, you own the brand), but the recent changes in the way search results are displayed and the aggressive strategies enacted by OTAs, make brand PPC campaigns a powerful tool to compete in the noisy marketplace. While you may be the first organic search result, the recent changes Google have made to their algorithm mean that the top organic search is a lot lower than before. Your hotel website may be the fourth or fifth result and often below the fold as prominence is given to paid advertising. As a result, your chances of direct online bookings and enquiries are significantly reduced.

Let's begin with the good news: brand PPC campaigns are guaranteed to yield a better return on investment than campaigns employing non-brand or generic keywords. Studies have found that paid conversion rates can be at least four times higher than organic conversion rates. The user has typed the name of the hotel into Google so you are targeting an audience that is aware of and interested in your product. Straight away, the Click Through Rate (CTR) and quality score will be high. The quality score is also improved by the fact that the website is the property of the hotel business. A good quality score goes a significant way in reducing the Cost Per Click (CPC) and running the campaign over a period of time and gathering historical data, will further reduce the CPC and pump up your potential return on investment.

Now more great news: you hold an edge over the third party channels. Yes, they can present discounts; however, you are the only channel that can offer attractive packages with personal touches, such as supplementary spa treatments, extended check outs and additional meals. Another added benefit of brand PPC is that it is an excellent accompaniment to optimised web pages because the ad copy can be modified with minimal effort to suit the seasons and the products that you want to drive.

That is not to say that this all happens naturally. Good management of your campaign will grow your return. Ensuring that the optimum keywords are used in the campaign, discovering the ad copy that performs the best and optimising site links are all important in the maintenance of a brand PPC campaign.


Ready to increase bookings and profits and take back the lion's share from OTAs, all the while getting a significant return on investment? Find out more about our brand PPC program or make an enquiry.