Thursday, 23 March 2017

PR Coverage and its Benefits for Website Rankings

PR is known to grow awareness offline for brands and hotels. At the same time, PR agencies can struggle to measure the value they bring to the table for clients. Getting coverage in prestigious publications is key for luxury hotels and brands when it comes to being recognised and being associated with the best in their sphere. With the growth of blogs and digital versions of publications such as The Telegraph, Vogue and The Times, very few hotels and brands are aware of the benefits these online links provide to their organic website rankings and domain authorities. 

A domain authority is a score developed by Moz that is able to predict how well a website will rank on search engines and the score is a combination of metrics such as MozTrust, linking root domains, MozRank and one of which is quality links from PR coverage. Quality links back to your website will increase the likelihood of this score growing. Strengthening your domain authority with links from quality websites, along with good practices in SEO will help your website rank higher organically. For instance, The Telegraph's domain authority is 94. This reflects the benefits of having a link from their travel section pointing back towards your website.


THe Telegraph Link Metrics Example

Secondly, analysing domain authority also helps in filtering out a target list of publications you would like to gain coverage in, based on how strong their authorities are. MOZ is a tool that will provide you with information on domains and their strengths and allow you to assess the strength of the publication. This also makes it easier for you to filter out requests coming from journalists and bloggers for free products and stays in return for editorial exposure. Domain Authority will help you get an estimate on their readership and the value they will bring to the table when reviewing your product. A strong Domain Authority for a website is 45 and above. PR agencies can now gear up and even offer lists through MOZ to their clients on coverage and link value.

Having said this, print is not a complete no-go area. Offline PR coverage will contribute immensely to your brand image, publicity and result in people searching online and coming on to your website to learn more. It will also influence your Brand PPC campaigns as more people will be searching for your brand online and thus create a hike in traffic and conversions. It is currently being debated that print is not completely outdated, some print editions are extremely valuable and will always have its own place on your coffee tables!