Friday, 19 May 2017

The Importance of Great Hotel Photography

First impressions count for a lot, especially for securing potential bookings. Having great search engine optimised content with competitive keywords may get you to the top of the rankings, but great photographs will get a potential customer engaged with your hotel. Photographs produce an emotional response in the viewer and will have a subconscious effect, influencing them to book with you.

A picture is worth a thousand words

A photo can convey something about your hotel quicker and more effectively than other forms of content. Customers base much of their decision to stay with you on the quality and quantity of the photos you present. Guests will not book with you over others if your imagery isn't of similar or better quality to your competition. So your photos should showcase your property in the best possible way and be used to highlight some key details and/or unique features of your hotel. Perhaps your rooms have specially designed lighting or décor?

Villa La Tosca

Travelers are 150% more engaged on listings with 20+ photos, than those with only a few photos.

Google, Social Media & Travel Sites

Using the same great imagery on the social media platforms like TripAdvisor & Facebook as well as on your hotel's Google profile is just as important. Remember, your photos form part of your brand. If someone searches for you on Google you want the image that appears on the SERP knowledge panel to be a strong, high quality image.

Quality photography is also vitally important for Google display and Facebook advertising. You need to capture attention in only a couple of seconds and people respond to images before reading the text on an ad. Images of people perform very well on Facebook, so consider getting some 'lifestyle' photographs of people enjoying your hotel as well.

Hotel Hassler Roma

Hire a professional

This may go without saying but it is worth reiterating. When getting imagery taken use a professional photographer, one who specialises or has experience in commercial photography. They will be able to advise about what works and what does not work for making your property look great. If you have a vision, they can help bring it to life.

Hotel photography is important if you want to be successful online, so make your hotel stand out and invest in strong imagery.