The Simple Route To Great Hotel Photography For Independent Hotels

First impressions count for a lot with potential guests looking to book your hotel reservation. 

They will make their decision mainly based on the images representing your independent luxury hotel.

As an independent hotel, many of your visitors each year will be new customers coming to you via social media or your website – they will base their decision mainly on your visual online presentation.  

Hotel photographs produce an emotional response in the viewer and both consciously and subconsciously influence them to book with you.

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A photo will convey something about your hotel more quickly and effectively than other forms of content. 

Photos help you showcase the benefits of staying at your hotel and also help to tell its story – one which, if done well, will resonate with direct bookers.

Your photos should showcase your property in the best possible way and be used to highlight some key details and/or unique features of your hotel.

You should endeavor to highlight the following elements of your independent hotel using photography:

  • Guest rooms. After the homepage this is the key area. Over 30% of direct bookings come from the rooms page. Showcase details of your luxury rooms or suites including new upgrades - such as your luxury bathrooms, fixtures, the latest TV screens, air-conditioning, the design and character of each space. Make sure each room type has its own relevant images.
  • Restaurants or dining areas. Independent luxury hotels should highlight their on-site dining facilities. Many guests- both locals and travelers- appreciate the added convenience of a quality food offering.
  • Amenities. Whatever your hotel offers like spa, pool, gyms, hot tubs, golf, meditation, parking, and more deserves great photography.
  • Meeting space. You can attract more business from the newly-engaged, event planners, and businesspeople by showing them wedding spaces, meeting halls, or conference rooms.
  • Recreation. Highlight local events, attractions, and other activities that regularly draw tourists to your location.

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Photos Drive More Direct Bookings

Guests base much of their decision to stay with you on the quality and quantity of the photos you present. 

They will not book with you over others if your imagery isn't of similar or better quality to your competition.

Quality photography is also vitally important for Google display and Facebook advertising. You need to capture attention in only a couple of seconds and people respond to images before reading the text on an ad. 

Images of people perform very well on Facebook, so consider getting some 'lifestyle' photographs of people enjoying your hotel as well.

Ensure you upload photos to your Google My Business account otherwise Google will select photos from the web which won’t necessarily reflect your hotel well. 

Remember, your photos form part of your brand. If someone searches for you on Google you want the image that appears on the SERP knowledge panel to be a strong, high quality image.

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A unique online presence created by a professional photographer will help you stand out from your competition, boost your web presence and highlight the benefits you offer in your independent hotel. 

Imagery plays a crucial role in the guest’s booking journey and ultimate decision on whether they will stay. Consider a hotel specialist who will be able to advise about what works and what doesn’t. 

They will make your property look great and help it to resonate with online viewers. If you have a vision, they can help bring it to life and tell your hotel’s story.