Friday, 08 December 2017

On-Page SEO: The Essentials Part 2

In our previous blog post, we looked at 3 essential parts of on-page SEO. In this second part, you will learn how content, page speed and internal linking as equally important parts of on-page search engine optimisation. 

Content and page speed have a big influence on user experience and good user experience is something Google is checking and rewarding more and more. Good speed and great content will show Google that your web page is providing something interesting and relevant. Bounce rate, pages per session and session duration are some metrics that can indicate how interesting your website is to the readers. 

Bounce rate indicates how many people landed on your website and left immediately, while the average session duration and pages per session indicate how much time people are spending on your site and how many pages they visited. If both are low, it can indicate that users are not immediately interested by your site or there is something that is deterring them from exploring more.

1. Content

Website content can be textual and visual. Content is the best way to represent your services and company to website visitors. Textual content is very important for SEO and online rankings. It should be carefully written and well presented. Make sure you know the keywords you are trying to rank before writing content as the text should include these keywords. This is something your account manager at Aró can assist with and they are happy to provide insights for the performance of keywords. Here is some advice to follow when you are writing webpage content for your business:

  • The text has to be readable and represent the brand in the best possible way. 
  • The content has to satisfy a searcher’s intent and you should also use it to send a message to the reader or website user. It has to give all necessary information to the reader and add a bit of a special touch to it. Intrigue the reader and present the product or the company in a way that is exciting. 
  • Analyze your competitor’s content as they often will miss out on some things that the website users would find interesting. For example, how many minutes is the hotel away from some important sites or attractions? Does your super soft linen guarantee a great night sleep? Again, keep in mind what a user would be interested in and subtly highlight why your company would be a better choice for the user than your competitor.
  • Make it easy for the reader to find what they are looking for by adding helpful headings so they can scan the page quickly.
  • The quantity of text content is very helpful for SEO; we would suggest at least 200 words per page. 

2. Page Speed

A 1 second delay in loading, can cost 11% loss of page views. Page speed has become more and more important for ranking and user experience. There are a large number of case studies detailing how increasing page speed improves website conversion rates and customer engagement. Google especially is endeavouring to make the web faster and is rewarding the fastest loading sites. The best way to have a fast web page is by having a mobile AMP page. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page and is a specially built light and speedy webpage with static content designed to improve user experience by eliminating slow rendering scripts. 

If AMP is something you think your business needs, please contact us.


3. Internal linking

Internal linking is inserting a link from one page on the site to another. It holds importance in SEO and some importance in user experience. The biggest SEO benefit is by using "anchor text" i.e. the text (1-5 words) under the link which links to another page on your site. Google sees the text as a description of the page it is linking to and it therefore helps with rankings for that keyword.

Both content and page speed are the major components of user experience, which has become an important ranking factor. Internal linking also helps in user experience, but not to the same extent as content and page speed. 

Do you want to know if your website is up to scratch? Get a free audit that measures page speed and much more! If you are need of an in-depth audit of your website including analysis of your SEO, conversion path, PPC and social campaigns, please contact us for a tailored performance audit.

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