On-Page SEO And What to Do About It Right Now - Part 2

In our previous blog post, we looked at 3 essential components of luxury 5-star hotel on-page search engine optimization (SEO). 

In this second part, you'll learn how content, page speed and internal linking are equally important parts of on-page SEO.

Content and page speed have a big influence on user experience (UX) and good UX is something Google is checking and rewarding more and more. 

Hotel SEO services including these elements and also strong internal linking will show Google that your web pages are providing something interesting and relevant.

Why is on-page SEO important for boutique resorts?

Many elements of on-page SEO on your luxury 5-star website will help you get the rankings and traffic you need. It's vital that they are optimized correctly for maximum impact on visibility in search engine result pages. Google is constantly updating their algorithm in order to understand searchers’ intent better and deliver search results that meet their needs. 

1. Quality Content

Website content can be textual and visual. Visual content is the best way to represent your services and luxury appeal to website visitors. 

The power of video keeps growing and people spend increasing amounts of time watching YouTube videos – 
always bear in mind the potential for using videos on your website. 

Text content is very important for SEO and online rankings. It should include important information about the hotel and what makes it unique. 

In addition, informational content about the destination which helps visitors plan an amazing trip is important.

Make sure you know which keywords you are trying to rank before writing content as the text should include these keywords. 

This is something your account manager at Aró can assist with and they are happy to provide insights for the performance of keywords. 

Here is some advice to follow when you are writing web page content for your business:

  • The text has to be simple, readable and represent the brand in the best possible way. It should be written in natural language and not loaded with keywords. 

  • Start the page text with a hook which will keep the reader’s interest.

  • An important key to the success of your direct booking strategy is knowing your target audience. The content has to satisfy their search intent and you should also use it to send a message to the reader or website user. Excite them by presenting the services in your boutique hotel in an authentic, exciting way – this will help to increase the conversion rate for that audience.

  • Every page must have one topic as the content, so your potential guests engage more easily with your website and understand the message of each page. This will also improve your search ranking overall. Utilise keywords, related imagery and helpful headings throughout the page and keep it simple.

  • The structure of each page is important for the guest engagement. Short, well-spaced paragraphs and bullet points will make them easy to read and encourage guests to spend more time on your website. 

2. Page speed 

Page speed has become more and more important for ranking and user experience. 

There are a large number of case studies detailing how increasing page speed improves website conversion rates and customer engagement. 

Google especially is endeavoring to make the web faster and is rewarding the fastest loading sites. Your hotel website needs to be fast for all users on all devices. 

Why is a fast hotel website so important? 

  • Google rank fast websites higher than slow ones so they will appear higher in search results

  • Fast load speeds mean lower bounce rates. Fewer people will leave your website after only viewing one page and they will likely spend more time on each page. 

  • Your conversion rate will increase as you improve your loading speed. Browsers who land on your site to book will not tolerate slow page speeds – they will simply go elsewhere.

3. Internal linking 

Internal linking is inserting a link from one page on the site to another.

It is important for SEO and also for user experience. The biggest SEO benefit is using "anchor text" i.e. the text (1 -5 words) on which the user clicks in order to go to another page on your site. 

Google sees this link text as a description of the page it is linking to and it therefore helps with rankings for that keyword. 

Why is internal linking important for hotel website?  

  • It provides your audience with further reading options. 
  • It boosts your ranking for certain keywords. 
  • You can promote events on other page services with internal linking.
  • Google can easily crawl your hotel website. 
  • You can pass authority from high ranking pages such as your homepage to secondary pages

Both content and page speed are major components of user experience, which has become an important ranking factor. To a lesser degree, internal linking also helps in user experience. 

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