Monday, 28 May 2018

5 Ways To Market Your Hotel on Facebook

Are you a fan of better return on your investment? Would you give thumbs-up to a more effective marketing plan? 

If your reply is yes, you will love these insights. Let us share our top 5 tips on the most effective retargeting techniques on Facebook for hotels

Facebook Advertising for Hotels

With 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook is a global powerhouse that simply cannot be ignored. We all know that the social media giant should be an integral part of our marketing plan. With its recent algorithm changes, Facebook offers less and less organic visibility to brands - thus it is even more important for hotels’ paid campaigns to be razor sharp. 

Facebook offers a multitude of options to reach potential guests: from geographical targeting, to age and gender selection, to special interests such hobbies or beloved TV shows. However, why chase after people who may have never heard about your hotel? Wouldn’t it be easier to influence customers who have already expressed interest in your offering? 

The solution is called retargeting. 

The beauty of Facebook retargeting is that your can reach people who have already interacted with your brand online. They may have visited a specific page on your website, commented on a social post or spent time watching your promotional video. 

This is your golden opportunity to turn tentative interest into confirmed business. 

1. Retarget Visitors Who Abandoned Your Hotel Booking Engine

This option should be familiar to most of us. Have you ever searched for a flight and - even though you did not complete the process - you were followed around the web with alluring images of the Seychelles? 

Tiny pixels were responsible for that. Placing a Facebook pixel on your website allows you to track what specific actions or pages people take while browsing your content.  Using the pixel, you can create ads retargeting travellers who have visited your website with specific content, alluring offers or promotional codes.

Your ads will appear on desktop, mobile and tablet, regardless of the device customers used to originally see your offers. The ads can also be served on Instagram, Facebook instant articles, as well as certain Facebook websites and apps. Return On Ad Spend can be improved by leveraging interesting content and examining how ads perform in each placement. 

2. Connect With Customers Who Engaged With Your Facebook Page 

Do you follow any brands on Facebook? Perhaps your favourite singer, your child’s nursery or a charity close to your heart? You are not alone. Almost 40% of Facebook users like a page to receive a special offer, one-third of them engage with brands regularly and 5 billion (!) comments are left on Facebook pages monthly.

With Facebook ads for hotels, you can reach out to people who have interacted with you in the past: visited your page, commented on a post, clicked a call to action button, sent you a direct message or saved a post. 

Why not reward these people with a time-limited offer linked directly to your booking engine? You can make customers feel valued and special by offering a unique package that is not available anywhere else online. Take this opportunity not only to drive revenue but to build a relationship and forge loyalty. 

3. Focus On People Who Watched Your Hotel Video 

Ask any hotel manager what is their biggest marketing cost and they’ll tell you how unreasonably expensive promotional videos are. You made a huge investment, you have stunning visual on your homepage, but wonder how this will pay for itself? Hotel Facebook marketing can be the answer. 

You can create audiences from people who spent time viewing your videos on Facebook. Considering that 60% of consumers make a purchase after watching a video, industry professionals agree that this content offers the best return on investment. 

You can also utilise Facebook advertising to zoom in on web visitors who watched your video. Create a range of campaigns and experiment with various messages. Offer a complimentary upgrade, free access to leisure activities or tempt travellers with a special welcome amenity. As every interaction is measured, you can build on this intelligence for future promotions. 

4. Interact With Couples Who Browsed Your Wedding Packages 

Weddings are excellent business but it takes a great deal of persuasion to commit customers to a venue for the ‘most important day of their lives’. Couples spend endless hours on the Internet in search of the perfect ballroom. 

While you know exactly how many brochures were handed out during your last wedding show, you may not have any idea how much interest your packages generate online. With Facebook advertising, you can get a second chance and retarget every single person who downloaded your wedding information. 

Brides and grooms of course need to be wowed and your ads must make an impression. Facebook allows for a variety of visual displays (video, slideshow, carousel), tailored messages and true representation of your brand. Follow your customers throughout their purchasing journey to close these highly valuable sales leads. 

5. Reach Out To Patrons Interested In An Event At Your Hotel

Facebook’s event function is a goldmine for hoteliers - especially to promote special dates and once-off occasions such as Christmas parties, a resort open day or Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t deployed this option yet, we would urge you to make the most of it. 

Providing that you have already set up successful events, you can take it a step further. Let’s look at this example. You hosted a well-attended wine dinner recently and 300 people expressed interest on Facebook. When you are launching a new Sunday brunch,  these contacts should be your first port of call using Facebook retargeting. It might be a much smaller list than your email database, but these customers are much more likely to convert into business. Moreover, you have the option to create so called ‘lookalike audiences’ to reach more people on Facebook who have similar characteristics to your best customers. 

As always, we are here to help make the most of your Facebook retargeting campaigns for your hotel. Drop us a line and our digital marketers will guide you through the best options.