Wednesday, 11 December 2019

9 Social Media Marketing Tips for Hotels in 2020

If you are looking to increase your social media engagement on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in 2020, take a look at our top tips on social media marketing for hotels

1. Establish Your Content Pillars 
Your social media marketing starts with a solid strategy. Define the main themes that will be covered by your social media channels. Think of your key target audiences and decide what topics are most relevant to them. 
If you market a country estate dedicated to families, your content pillars may focus on leisure amenities, local events and children’s activities. As a city centre hub welcoming a younger demographic, zoom in on food & beverage and entertainment offers. 
Don’t just post pretty photos - know why you are posting those pretty photos. 

2. Tailor Your Messages by Platform 
Resist the urge to cross-post the same content across all your social media channels. While it is a practical solution, it will weaken your overall message. Each platform has its own content needs that must be addressed. 
Your Instagram audience is likely to be younger and focused on visuals. Facebook is ideal for driving traffic to your website with prominent calls-to-action. Twitter is great for sharing news bites but doesn’t facilitate lifestyle content. 
If time is of the essence, post less, but make it channel-specific. 

3. Make the Most of Every Feature
Each social medium has a unique feature that can help your hotel generate more engagement. Make the most of them. 
Facebook events are the perfect tool to promote special dates to a dedicated audience (for example a wedding open day or a wine tasting).  Instagram highlights guarantee longevity to your best Stories and offer a visual taster of your brand to anyone visiting your profile. YouTube can provide enormous search engine optimisation benefits to your business online. 
Know what you want to get out of each platform and use these features to your advantage.  

4. Keep Your Brand Consistent 
Take a moment for a bit of housekeeping.
Do you use the same logo as your profile picture across all platforms? Is your brand positioning statement consistent? If you are running a seasonal campaign, have you displayed the same message on your channels? 
These are easy fixes that can swiftly elevate your brand online. 

5. Remember To Hashtag 
What’s not to like about hashtags? They can extend your reach well beyond your own followers, yet that little pound sign often gets overlooked.
While you can use them on Facebook and LinkedIn, hashtags work best on Instagram and Twitter. Be selective - too many hashtags can cheapen your brand image. Research the most popular hashtags related to your location and content pillars. Create your own branded versions and use them consistently for all your posts. 
Instant social media #win. 

6. Ask Your Audience to Take Action 
All too often, social media content is posted without any explicit call-to-action. To generate maximum engagement, be sure to prompt your readers to click, share, register, book or shop now. 
For example, when posting about your new spa offers, include a CTA to ‘download our brochure’ with a tracking link to your website to improve conversions. If you ask your community to help your hotel to win an award, add ‘vote here’ as your call-to-action. 
This may seem self-explanatory, but the social landscape is a busy place. The more signposts you place, the easier your customers will find you. 

7. Collaborate With Your Community 
Create engaging, fresh content by enlisting your own social media community. 
Incorporate genuine user-generated content into your calendar to build authenticity. Search your location and your brand hashtags regularly to find the right videos, photos and reviews. Always ask for the user’s permission to re-post their content. 
Sharing your guests’ experience will not only help you to fill your social calendar, but it will serve as a form of endorsement and will nudge new customers towards their purchasing decision. 

8. Look After Your Followers 
Effective social media marketing relies on creating a community around your brand. 
Make it your number one priority to engage your audience in a conversation. Prompt feedback, invite opinions and always listen to what your community got to say.
Treat social media as a customer service tool. Aim to reply to every single question posed on your page in public posts or in private messages. 
Use social media as an opportunity to delight your customers. From time to time, create special offers aimed exclusively at your social media community to reward their loyalty.  

9. Say Yes to Ads 
The hard truth about social media is that good content is no longer enough to sustain your presence. As organic visibility is fast declining, paid campaigns have become a necessity. 
If you are new to social media advertising, Facebook is the best place to start. The social media giant offers various ad formats as well as a multi-layered approach to targeting different demographics. Whether you want to drive traffic to your wedding pages or build brand awareness for your new restaurant, you can find the right audiences on Facebook. 
Set your goals, define your target markets and you can be almost certain that your investment will be well-spent. 

As a social media advertising agency, we are here to answer all your questions. If you need support with your hotel social media strategy, just drop us a line.