Travel Trends in the Covid-19 Era

Informative articles on travel trends that will hopefully bring some confidence to you and your business.

One of the keys to any hotel’s recovery will be their decision making on how and where they spend their extremely valuable resources and at no time is this more critical than now. Keeping a strong eye on trends, whether historic, current or forecasted, that relate to one’s business can give us a valuable insight into what is likely to happen in one’s own market and help form an important part of a hotels decision making strategy with where to invest their resources.

In this article, we are going to look at a number of trend features that you will hopefully find of value, particularly with regard to helping you make the right investment decisions for your business. Hand sanitizer
  1. In Aró, we have analysed our own priority clients to see how they are doing and we have focused on the visitor and booking trends from 1st May to 19th of May 2020 and compared it to the data for the same period from last year. It has thrown up some very interesting facts and is certainly worth a quick view.
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  2. This ‘Insights’ article from eHotelier is short and snappy and has 7 interesting predictions for how the world will change after we recover from Covid19, with the first 5 predictions, not surprisingly having a strong ‘health’ focus. Read Article
  3. The Irish Independent has a very informative country-by-country travel timetable of when our favourite destinations are likely to re-open. This is the best timetable that we have been able to find, unfortunately, it is a subscription service only. Read Article
  4. Bloomberg have an excellent article detailing how wealthy travellers are starting to book year end vacations Read Article
  5. China
  6. As China was the first country affected and also the first to start opening up their markets, their travel trends could give us some insight as to what to expect in our own markets.

    In Aró, we have been following this website on a weekly basis and as they show, from this May report, the trend in the China travel sector since they started to open up, certainly gives us reassurance as to how quickly our own clients markets will recover to a level of sustainable activity. Visit Website
  7. In the link below, you will find a report from Skift Research, where they look back at the 2008 financial crisis and its impact on travel. By analysing the data and making use of case studies, they distil 13 lessons for the travel that are still likely to apply today as travel recovers from Covid-19. This article contains 2 of these 13 lessons.Read Article