7 Ways to Improve Your Guests' Experience Using QR Codes

What Is a QR Code?

A QR (quick response) code is a two-dimensional version of the traditional barcode which is readable by smartphones. QR codes are able to transmit a huge range of information instantly by scanning with a mobile device. 
They can take a user directly to a website, social media account or restaurant menu and they are more robust as up to 30% of the code structure can be damaged without affecting its readability.
Most smartphones will automatically recognise a QR code when the phone’s camera is held over it. If not, device-appropriate scanning software can be downloaded. 

How Can Hotels Use QR Codes?

QR codes are useful to hotels in a number of ways, particularly in allowing their guests an easy way to access their digital services. For example, accessing a loyalty program to increase customer retention, promoting your restaurant offering to boost revenue and promoting a high level of customer service via seamless data transfer across different hotel departments.

Order room service

Here are 7 examples of how QR codes can be used to improve a guest’s experience:

Order Room Service 

Guests can scan a QR code menu and access the room service menu and check the options. Each room has a shopping basket system through which they can select their choices from the menu and add them to their basket. They can also see details of the ingredients in each dish (important for allergies or special diets) and they may be able to add notes about specifying their cooking preference.

Book a Table and View Restaurant Menu

Guests can order a meal or book a table at the hotel restaurant by using a QR code. Instead of physical menus, there are QR codes on restaurant tables. Scanning it will redirect them to a PDF menu or an ordering system.

Send a Request to Reception

To contact front desk by SMS or WhatsApp, guests have access to a QR code. There is a link which redirects them to a service where they can send a message to the hotel’s text service or social media such as their Facebook page. Most hotels have a message hub which helps them to manage different channels of communication.

Check-In and Check-Out

Guests can sign their check in or check out form with their mobile phone. Hotels can pre-fill the guest information in advance and make it available via a specific URL link so the process is secure and contactless.

Leave Feedback

Guests can give their review about a particular service such as restaurant service, spa, room service etc. The codes can be placed in strategic places throughout the hotel to prompt users to leave feedback.

Read the News

Some hotels have a digital kiosk which provides essential information and avoids unnecessary contact.  Guests can be redirected to this digital kiosk with a QR code. 

Make a Payment

Extra payments which are separate to the cost of a stay, for example a meal in the restaurant or drinks from the bar, can be invoiced via a code. Guests scan the code on their phone which they present to the receptionist to take or check payment.