How To Generate QR Codes For Different Parts Of Your Hotel

A hotel should strive to provide guests with a relaxed and stress-free travel experience. In order to deliver that, the aim must always be to give them the best possible customer service. There are many different ways of providing hospitality service and some of them involve smartphone technology. 
Thanks to innovations in customer engagement, the use of Quick Response (QR) codes is resurgent. QR codes are great tools to move your client from the offline world to the online world in one simple step using their smartphone. 
A code can be generated for any web-based application. Once a guest scans a code, they can be directed to room service, leisure facilities or connected with your guest messaging system.

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Here are 7 diverse ways of using QR codes which hotels use to improve their customer service:

1. Welcome Guests

Your hotel can adopt the technology to welcome guests into your property. One unique method used by hotels is to present guests, when they enter their room, with a plate of decorated cookies. The plate includes links to Facebook, Twitter and a QR code cookie. You can use this as a fun and personal way of greeting any guest. As another example, you could prepare a basket of drinks or chocolate and put a QR code in the basket. When your guests scan the code, they receive a customised message personally welcoming them to the hotel.

2. Access Rooms

One of the most important factors for customers staying in a hotel is security. Many hotels have adapted access cards for rooms instead of regular keys. The latest innovation to make your guests feel even more secure is a QR code lock. Guests can scan a unique QR code generated on their smartphone in order to enter their room.

3. Share the Amenities Available at Your Hotel

A great way in which hotels and resorts are making use of QR codes is to display the amenities the guests can experience in a hotel. You can put a QR code on each room key, on the back of the door along with other important information, on part of the screen of the room TV or as a staple of the interior design. As soon as guests arrive in their room, they can scan it and get access to a list of all the services. In this way, you're saving the guest the inconvenience of calling reception, providing enhanced service and saving staff time.

4. Promote Your Events Conveniently

You can use Event QR Codes in your printed material or in physical spaces. These codes can be used to offer guests an overview of activities and events going on at your hotel. Your code should include the date and time of the event, address, contact person, and a description of the event. The guest can save it to their smartphone calendar right away and set a reminder so they don't miss it.

5. Collect Guests’ Feedback 

The most convenient way to get your guests’ feedback is by printing a QR code on a table card in each hotel room. Scanning the QR code encourages guests to complete the online survey in their own time. Another advantage of this is that whenever you need to add or delete something on your questionnaire, you can edit the online form without having to rewrite the QR code.

6. Share Your Check-out details

Your guests can easily access their check-out details by using the QR code on the room key cards. This could be their updated bill, other things to do in the area or they could arrange a taxi for when they leave.

7. Share Your Hotel Offers

QR codes in newspaper ads or posters are an effective way to encourage a print media audience to book your hotel. You can use the image gallery QR code and display high quality images of your hotel facilities such as rooms and suites, spa, bar, restaurant, lounge or gym.