QR Code Ideas for Hotels

QR Codes are resurgent as an innovative way to boost brand awareness in the hospitality and tourism industry. In parallel, they are easier to use, as the latest mobile devices have a camera which automatically recognises the codes. This offers hotels new opportunities to increase guests' engagement and has transformed interactive marketing opportunities leveraging the in-property experience.

What Is a QR Code?

QR (Quick Response) Codes are two-dimensional versions of the traditional barcode, using black and white pixel patterns. 
People can scan them and quickly interact with whatever digital destinations are embedded in the code. 
You can create codes in different formats such as a URL, vCard, Plain Text, SMS, Email, WiFi, Twitter, and Bitcoin.

How Can I Create a Free QR Code?

First, select which type of code your hotel needs. There are various websites which you can use to generate a free QR Code. 
Fill all the relevant fields with the information needed and when you're done, click "Generate". You have the option to choose various designs options e.g. black and white, color or framed. 
Finally, download your code. These free QR Codes are not editable and trackable.

Why Should I Use QR Codes in My Hotel?

QR Codes are increasing in popularity worldwide, especially when it comes to travel.
They provide an excellent way of delivering contactless content. They offer a wide range of advantages which benefit not only travelers, but also help increase hoteliers' revenue.

Get More Traffic to Your Website. 

Imagine someone sees your print ad and is interested in your service. Rather than type the website address character by character into the browser to access the information, they can scan a QR Code on the ad which is linked to your website. 
You can give potential customers your information in seconds and you have moved them from into your digital experience. Make sure you add authentic, productive content.

Increase Social Media Outreach.

You have your hotel social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You need as many people as possible to follow you so you can sell your services. Adding a social media QR Code to your print ad makes it easy for them to follow you.

Accept Mobile Payments.

With smartphones, high-speed internet and better data security protocols, people prefer to use their mobile for payments. QR Code payments are more accessible and cost-effective.

To Get Your Customer to Take an Action.

Your ultimate goal is for your target guests to take an action. This could be visiting your website, signing up for a service, downloading an application, sharing contact information, reserving rooms or booking events.

scanable QR code

QR Codes Are Eco-friendly.

Since QR Codes are scannable from a smartphone, the move away from physical to digital cuts down on the need for ink, paper, handling, distributing and disposing of physical cards. These codes have a huge impact on the environment and carbon emission.

License Plate Recognition.

QR Codes can be merged with registration plate recognition technology so that hotels and resorts can manage parking for their guests. A guest can provide their car license plate and in return receive a QR Code which guarantees their secure access to the parking garage. With the appropriate system in place, guests can only enter after a camera check on their registration.