Use QR Codes To Quickly Increase Guest Engagement

Quick response codes (QR Codes) are two-dimensional barcodes that can be read by your camera smartphone. The code can direct browsers to a webpage, document or social media account with further information.
Thanks to the pandemic, QR codes are resurgent as they are an effective way of providing contactless information. They are increasingly being adopted by many companies in different industries to increase their online traffic. The following are some great uses of QR codes in the hospitality industry which drive guest engagement for your hotel.

Qr code for hotel

Awareness Stage:

1. Use A Simple URL-Shortener.

The longer the URL, the harder it is to scan the code. Before starting to use a QR generator, shorten your destination URL using an appropriate resource e.g. Create easy-to-scan QR codes to display your hotel’s website.

2. Decide on your call-to-action (CTA).

Ensure the code directs your guests to the exact landing page so there is no further navigation required. For example, if your goal is to show the restaurant menu to your guests, make sure the CTA directs them straight to your menu, not your review site.

3. Choose your environment.

Place codes in relevant places where they are easily scannable to get more traffic and engagement.

Consideration Stage:

1. Share Your Offer Via Print Media.

QR codes are an effective way to bring your guests to your digital offering via print media. Readers can scan codes in newspapers, posters, and public places leading them to the hotel web page, your discount page, or your hotel's gallery. It will help drive bookings in your hotel.

2. You Can Add Your Social Media Links.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all accessible via your printed material by adding a social media QR code. You can redirect your guests to a landing page with links to all your social media profiles.

Purchase and Product Stage:

1. Put Your QR Codes On Tent Cards.

Use a card with your QR code and a clear call-to-action. Spread them throughout your property - each table in your rooms or restaurant, on the nightstand, on the back of the door in each room, in reception etc.

2. Speed Up Your Check-In Process.

Using QR codes is an efficient way to accelerate check-in. Put codes on the guests' reservation page and make sure your page is user friendly. Be aware of potential problems such as forgotten phones, poor WiFi and flat batteries.

3. Use Your Key Cards for QR Codes.

Add a QR code to your key cards so that your guests have easy access to your amenities. Don't forget to inform them of the process.

QR Mobile review

Loyalty Stage:

1. Collect Guests' Feedback.

Provide a card with a QR code and put it in the room or at reception. Your guests can then answer your questionnaire whenever they have time. The best way to improve your marketing and increase your customer engagement is get their feedback.

2. QR Mobile Reviews. 

You can create your mobile review campaign by implementing QR Codes. Whenever guests leave your hotel, a thank you note with a QR code in the footer is a great way to get a review.

3. QR Discounting Campaign.

Create a special campaign for your customers by sending them the code to access the offer. This could be via print media such as your hotel brochures, an email or SMS. 

4. Register Loyalty Members.

Place a code at the reception or in each room which drive your guests to the hotel's loyalty member sign-up.

5.    Information for Restaurant And Bar Customers.

Place a QR Code on the restaurant's napkin which connects to a webpage with the nutritional value of meals on the menu.

QR Codes are a rapidly growing and effective marketing tool. If you want to be successful, you need to provide more than just a link to your website. Take your guest in the direction you want. Provide useful, relevant content and benefits and you can get them to take the actions which you have planned.