Build A SEO Strategy For Your Luxury Brand Which You Can Be Proud Of

As a luxury brand, you know that what you are selling is more than just a service - it's an experience, a lifestyle concept and an image. Communicating your brand digitally is as important as in person and in print.

In today's online world, just like everyone else, luxury guests go digital when searching for the finest in hotels. However, they are not looking for something mass market, they want the extraordinary. Will they find you? 

A luxury SEO strategy is an invaluable marketing service that will help to position your brand.
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If you want to stand out in this marketplace, your brand requires SEO services as much as it needs to project a sense of luxury. Your guests have to know about you before they can choose you; smart SEO makes you easier to find. 

Tips for luxury brand SEO services 

With the help of a luxury brand agency that knows both the space you operate in and best practices for SEO, your brand will be more visible in relevant search results and you will rank higher in search results than the competition.

Here are some helpful tips about the basics of luxury brand SEO:

On-page optimisation comprises 25% of SEO. This includes website design, structure and content creation. 

When done correctly this allows for authentic insertion of your keywords and phrases which will ensure you are found for your boutique, bespoke or luxury features, not just as a generic hotel or service. 

The other 75% consists of off-page optimisation such as the quality and quantity of external links and social media.

• Link building is the process of acquiring more and better links from other websites to your own. 

Getting links from other websites to your site needs strategic methods to incite relevant authority websites to link to yours. 

Links from other high-end brands and hotels will tell Google that you operate in the luxury space too.

• Use a luxury brands agency to drive better search results. Your brand requires SEO to maximise your visibility to target guests. 

The right agency will help you to optimise your website and build your backlink profile to create a stronger reputation online which generates the type of organic traffic you need. 
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Benefits of luxury SEO branding 

  • Best marketing ROI 
Generating an excellent return on your investment into your brand is one of the greatest benefits of luxury SEO services.
  • Better ranking
Every website that has been appropriately designed with both on-page and off-page SEO will garner better search engine rankings for the target audience you are looking for.

  • Coherence with all browsers 
If your website is fully optimised with all essential SEO services, you will rank well and display appropriately on all internet browsers. It’s a small but important point which will improve the level of guest satisfaction.
  • Ease of usability & accessibility
User experience is as important as ranking, in other words not only reaching a wide audience but also engaging them when they land on your website. 

Well-designed SEO will bring more traffic and enhance the usability and accessibility of your website.  

  • Targeted traffic 
Getting organic targeted traffic is the main aim of SEO. A professional agency who work only with luxury hotels and brands will generate more quality leads and conversions. 

  • Branding 
The higher quality your website, the higher your rank will be in search engine results. Top ranked results get clicked more by browsers, which will lead to more bookings and revenue. 
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Luxury SEO is an effective strategy for any brand wanting to score highly in guest attraction, engagement, conversion and retention. When your hotel offers high-end services, you need a professional team that understands the market you operate in. 

If you want to attract the attention of your desired audience, you need a luxury brand SEO company. Aró Digital Strategy can help your luxury hotel to optimise its search results for more leads, conversions and ultimately revenue.