6 Essential Tips for Boosting Your Direct Bookings with a January Sale in 2022

Although Christmas is a magical time for hotels and provides a welcome revenue boost for hoteliers, the New Year can be a challenging time. 

January is an ideal time for a hotel to hold a sale, as people start to look ahead to Spring and Summer with future travels on their mind. 

If you want to increase your revenue, set up a January sale landing page with different special offers, whether you are located in a winter destination, a city centre, or a summer location. 
luxury hotel direct booking

In this article you will find our top tips and advice for how your hotel should market a January sale. 

1. Stand out from the competition 

The key to running promotions at times of high demand and competition is to plan ahead and entice your potential guests to book early.

You also need to offer something different to your competitors. Imagine what will make your offer stand out above the others? What will be attractive to your target guests?

Here are some examples:

  • Easter for the family. You can enjoy fun family activities including children's Easter egg hunt. 
  • Next Christmas. What might your audience want? The traditional fare, an alternative Christmas lunch, or a party for those who want to get away from the norm. 
  • Valentines day. A romantic offer for couples with dinner and champagne.
  • Book your weekend break more than six weeks in advance and get a complimentary upgrade 

Email marketing will be important than ever in capturing guests' attention around the holiday season. Make sure your email marketing campaigns help you stand out from the crowd. 

Clearly deliver not only the features, but also the benefits of booking your luxury hotel. 

2. Offer a unique experience centered on your bespoke offering 

Luxury travelers are searching for unique, memorable experiences. Boutique resorts which offer such experiences as part of their portfolio resonate with prospective guests and will reap the benefits. 

Portraying your hotel as the leader in a segment which excites your guests is not only the best way of capturing their attention but also something your competitors can’t copy. It really helps you to stand out.

Make the time to create blog or video content, organise experience days or seminars in your hotel relevant to the topic. For example:

  • If you have a spa, deliver compelling information about alternative or new treatments. Then put together your own beauty guide which becomes part of your promotion. 
  • If you have a particularly extensive or unusual wine list, ask your sommelier to write an article about the wines. Then use it on social media to help advertise a wine tasting event.
  • If you have menu options using local or foraged ingredients, create your own recipe book. Add the source of some of your ingredients and then offer cookery lessons or courses centered around your signature dishes. 
  • If your hotel is popular with golfers, write a blog about golf tournaments or tips from a golf pro. Share this article as widely as possible and use it to drive traffic to a golfing holiday offer. 

3. Offer added value not a lower price 

What is important for luxury consumers? The answer is maintaining your values and your service proposition. They are looking for an exclusive experience not just hotel accommodation.

If you would like to maintain your luxury niche, you need to ensure you deliver an authentically rich guest experience. Even for seasonal specials and promotions it is better to offer added benefits not lower prices. 

A great way of offering value is by packaging a number of your services or products together. Here are some potential examples:

  • Two nights’ accommodation with a free first night dinner. This offer potentially inspires your guests to eat in the hotel again and sample further your food, wines and spirits. 
  • Gourmet weekend experience including two nights bed and breakfast, 4 course dinner with cocktails and wine on Saturday night and access to all leisure facilities 
  • Order a starter and a main course and get chef’s special dessert with champagne included 
luxury hotel conversion

4. Use influencer strategy  

The effectiveness of influencers in resort marketing is increased at this time of year. Often, they will create new content based on exciting times ahead in the New Year. 

Coupled with the fact that more users will be on social media during the holidays it has the potential to drive great traffic to your website. 

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the best channels for brand interaction during the holidays. When creating your holiday influencer marketing plans, ensure you're clearly incentivising guests to book direct your hotel. 

5. Create activity packages

Put together packages with all the activities guests need for a wellness break whether it’s active or aimed at relaxation.

Include access to sporting facilities, hire of equipment, joint participation classes, personal tuition or coaching (as a joint venture with the appropriate venue).

  • Midweek fishing break. This package could consist of two nights bed and breakfast, bait & equipment hire, picnic lunch, fishing permit and dinner in their choice of hotel restaurant or partner restaurant.
  • Biking break including mountain or road bikes, helmets, packed lunch or a special offer in a local pub, planned routes and maps, highlighting places of interest on route. 
  • Detox break with special chef-designed menus, planned country walks, and mindfulness and yoga classes.

6. Have a specific landing page

Landing pages are where your offers live and come to life. Highlight everything your guests should know about your offers on this page and focus on the benefits to your prospective guests while also leading them towards conversion. 

Place relevant and attractive calls to action which help them book your offers and ideally link directly to the offer on your website booking engine.