What To Do If You Have A Wedding Scheduled During The Coronavirus Outbreak

As a luxury hotel, liaising with people is a significant part of your daily activity. 

It's such an important thing to do since even the simplest or quickest of interactions can enhance a guest’s trip. 

This is especially true for couples who plan to hold their wedding day in your hotel.

In this article, we'll dive into touching base with your guests to build your relationship with them during lockdown.  We'll see how you can check in with your couples as they plan their special day.

1. Show your couples your heart

Keeping in regular contact is always good for building a positive reputation; it also helps you to show your guests your human face and that you have heart. 

In other words, that you truly care about them as people, not just as paying customers.

While you are socially distanced from your couples, checking back with them on a regular basis will help you to achieve this goal. 

For example, you could write a simple text – wishing them a great day - and send it through whichever medium is best suited for you. 

Contacting with no particular motive shows that you care for your clients and makes them feel good. 

This helps to build your brand as they are more likely to advocate for you. 

2. Let's keep things going

If you and your couples have been used to working in person, switching to virtual meetings can seem incongruous and slow down the process. 

You want your couples to stay excited about planning their wedding in order to keep everything on track. You might need to give them a push.

Consider short, regular meetings with updates for your couples up to a deadline for example, every two weeks. 

When they know you are going to get in touch with them, this encourages them to get their homework done. 

Besides, during these regular meetings you have an opportunity to keep them aware of what you are working on and showing your values. 

Ask them what channel of communication works best for them and meet them where they are. 

3. Check in on the original wedding date

If the couples you are working with have had to reschedule their wedding, the most important thing for you to do is to check in with them on their original wedding date. 

Remember that this was the time they were originally going to celebrate their dream coming true. 

4. We need to talk about rescheduling 

Approaching your couples with the reality that their wedding might need to be rescheduled is potentially the worst kind of conversation. 

If you don't want to come out of left field, you should not put it off. Whenever you see things shifting away from your control, it's time to talk with them. 

The key is delivering the message in a way that doesn't make them feel like they are being forced to reschedule. And also prepare them should there be any change in their wedding plans in the future. 

With the current virus lockdown, close collaboration with your couples is more important than ever. 

Make the most of any extra time to be proactive with your wedding business. 

Make a list of the things you need to do once lockdown has eased and keep talking to your couples!