Marketing For Boutique Resorts: 6 Effective Techniques To Dominate The Market

Boutique resorts are more expensive, geographically harder to reach and usually require longer stays compared to luxury hotels. 

This is why marketing for boutique resorts should be differentiated so it is efficient, effective, and powerful. 

You must have a unique identity for your property with an active online presence to interact with loyal guests and new ones. 

The resort marketing needs to skillfully reflect the services and the destination and the way that their value is leveraged with potential guests.

To generate more revenue for your boutique resort, consider the following tips.

1. Be conscious of the product and service experience in your resort

To retain loyal guests, it goes without saying that you have to provide an excellent product and service experience. 

High quality guest care and delivering on the promises you make in your marketing must be your main goal. 

Going beyond expectations leads to converting first-time or one-time guests into loyal repeat customers who will then advocate for you. 

Beyond this look to create emotional connections with your guests. Your marketing aim is to showcase what you value via your messaging. 

Deliver on it with great service and you will create a lasting relationship with guests by resonating with their core values – that is what will motivate them to keep returning.  

2. Have a unique and authentic story for your brand

Your marketing agency should have a crystal-clear understanding of your property identity and story. In this case, you have to answer these key questions:
  • What makes your boutique resort unique?
  • What guests do you cater to?
  • What do your guests value most?

The answers to these questions are the root of all your online marketing efforts.

Boutique resorts have an authentic opportunity to do things a little differently. Tell your guests a story which resonates with their expectations. 

Are you a barefoot luxury resort where guests can step directly from their villa onto the beach? 
Are you renowned for sunset views? 
Do you have ethical or environmental credentials or maybe the opportunity for guests to connect with the local community?
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Get the Right Design for Your luxury resort website

3. Be at the centre of your destination

You should integrate seamlessly with your destination market and grow a mutually beneficial relationship with other related local businesses. 

Match your marketing efforts online with the values which both your resort and the destination offer.

For example, you could partner with scuba shops, snorkel tours, horse riding guides, food or wine tours or the opportunity to connect with a local community initiative. 

These exclusive experiences build your story and create a holistic destination beyond that of your resort alone. 

4. Highlight F&B 

Crucial factors to help you stand out are your food, beverage and health/wellness offerings.
Providing memorable and extraordinary experiences for luxury guests is essential not only to satisfy their expectations but as a marketing tool. 

Encouraging them to post content to their social media is a great way of promoting your resort. 

User generated content is your guests relating how great you are, not you, and is therefore more effective. 

The added bonus is that their family and friends are likely to be in your target audience too.

Remember that great brands create advocates, great advocates grow brands.
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learn how to use the key elements of online marketing to get more bookings through your website

5. Manage seasonal offers

If you want to stand out from the competition, decide what facet of your business to concentrate on. Then build new promotions and offers centered around that area. 

Write relevant blog post articles or hold events to attract guests searching that topic on search engines. Use email marketing with your existing guests to arouse their interest. 

For instance, if you have an exotic or unique wine list, use that as a basis for articles coupled with a weekday accommodation offer with wine tasting.  

Similarly, if you have a great kitchen garden or a chef who forages for ingredients, weave that into the tapestry of your offers. Be imaginative and bold!

These types of offers are a great way to increase occupancy in periods of low demand by extending the average length of stay. 

Offseason campaigns include promotions, special events and group business. This is a great way to fill rooms during slow months of the year through stay packages tied to seasonal activities.

Depending on your location, it may also be possible to pivot to a more domestic market, promoting staycations to locals looking for a luxurious experience which they wouldn’t previously have considered.

6. Use high-quality photos and video on your website

Your luxury resort website is the first point of contact with most potential guests, so make a brilliant first impression. 

The photos of your property need to be compelling and visually attractive to convince and convert guests who are traveling a long way and spending a great deal. 

They want to be sure they are going to have a fabulous experience on your property. Video is super effective at conveying your story as you can use it to create a narrative.

That means world-class resort photography which ties in with great descriptions of all the amenities on all your official communications, websites, and so on. 

Look at the pages on your website and make a list of what needs to be photographed such as guestrooms, resort exterior, common areas and location. Video works really well on the homepage and accommodation sections.

Use a mix of angles and shot types. Close-ups are a good option for bringing potential guests into the scene and drawing attention to unique details of your amenities. 

Wide-angle shots are great for setting the scene. Blend both types of photography with story-telling videos to convey the unique experience of your property. 

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