Is It Time For Your Luxury Hotel To Order A New Online Hotel Booking System

Ever since the advent of the Internet, luxury hotels have seen the opportunity to acquire more customers and increase customer loyalty using an online hotel booking system (OBE) on their website. 

There are hundreds of providers to choose from and it is important to realise that not all OBEs provide the same features and neither do they offer similar conversion (all other things being equal). 

If your OBE is not being constantly tested and updated, then there is a good chance that it is not providing you with the best return possible. 
luxury Hotel bookings engines

Increase your luxury hotel direct bookings

As Aró’s booking engine is always adapting to maximise your online revenue, it provides an excellent opportunity to increase your direct bookings and customer loyalty while avoiding the common mistakes many OBEs make.

A common mistake is a mismatch between the look of your website and your online hotel booking system. 

Aró will always ensure it matches the design and branding of your hotel as these fosters increased trust. 

The design of the luxury hotel website itself must also be considered so as to make the booking process seamless and friction-free for your clients. 

This means they are more likely to book directly with you and return for another simple booking experience.

Another issue which Aró have eliminated from our OBE is device compatibility. 

We have designed it to work smoothly with any device, including mobiles and tablets meaning your guests can easily book with you at their convenience.

Our OBE is accessible to your international guests with our multi-lingual and currency options. 

Our loyalty program encourages online bookers to return through a layered series of discounts depending on how often they have stayed with you. 

When combined with our product AróElite, our booking engine provides detailed information and statistics on your site users and conversions, as well as imported data from Google Analytics.

This is the ideal time to switch to Aró’s booking engine as the many months of hotel closure over the past year means most hotels have not seen the revenue they were projecting. 

Aró takes a modest commission which is only charged when your guests check out. 

With the higher conversion rates of the Aró booking engine coupled and the corresponding reduction in expensive OTA commission, it is the best way you can ensure you are maximizing your direct booking revenue.

At Aró we have worked very hard to ensure our clients see real and substantial results as a result of using our products, and previous results and numerous audits have shown that the switch to an Aró booking engine will increase your website conversions.

We also have a constant flow of new ideas which can open new revenue streams, such as voucher options, and we are constantly working to enhance your growth and revenue.

Your Aró booking engine will be integrated into comparison widgets, which will display the savings your guests will make by booking direct, incentivising them to book through your website.

Comprehensive reporting also makes it quick and easy to monitor the progress you’re making with your Aró booking engine - you will know exactly how your business is performing at all times.