6 Tips For Independent Hotels To Improve Hotel Efficiency

As over 90% of travelers check online reviews and over 60% book hotel rooms on a mobile device, providing a brilliant digital experience is vital for today's independent hotelier.
They need to devise strategies to compete more efficiently with other hotels in their space. 

As guests have higher expectations than ever around the booking process, improving operational efficiency is a must. 
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Here's a look at 6 top tips on how independent hotels can improve hotel efficiency

1. Better website performance leads to higher conversion at a lower cost of acquisition

The website is the first thing to optimise for luxury hotels. Ensure:
  • SEO is up-to-date
  • Page speed meets Google’s Core Web Vitals targets
  • It uses clear call-to-actions
  • Provides enticing special offers
  • It has high-quality, up to date and rich local content 
Your online booking systems must create a desirable booking experience on your website so you can:
  • Provide a frictionless booking process with a minimum of clicks 
  • Attract international travelers with your best offers 
  • Convert your special promotions effectively
  • Boost upsells e.g. breakfasts, room extras, late check out

2. Targeting specific users across multiple devices 

Your luxury prospects are travellers who need to access information on the move.  

It is imperative that your hotel website and booking engine are responsive on all mobile devices. 

More than that, your website agency should be measuring how the engagement of your site varies from laptop to tablet to mobile. 

On average hotel bookers use up to four devices before making a booking. 

They must feel comfortable with the site performance at each stage of the journey.

A/B tests are a great way of testing out which features work best, particularly on mobile. 

This could be something complex such as the layout of the homepage or simply what the text is on a key call to action (CTA) button. 
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3. Setting rates

To stay competitive in direct bookings, you must review and optimize your pricing constantly. 

Independent hotels as a minimum should be monitoring competitors' prices. 

Implement a revenue management system which looks at prices and booking volumes in each of your segments. 

Pro-actively adjust pricing and availability on your channels, ideally with your channel manager.

4. Supply more motivation to book

You are in control of the booking and if they are coming as for a one-time visit, you have the opportunity to turn them into a regular guest. 

Or even better an advocate who will drive more even direct bookings for your hotel

Make sure your direct booking advantages are clear and well-communicated, especially on the website. 

Place special offer CTAs on the homepage which link directly to the booking engine. 

Use your email system or CRM to target previous guests with special offers and invitations.

Complete the virtuous circle – great brands grow ambassadors, ambassadors grow great brands.
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5. Invest in your staff

However great the booking process, the guest experience must be immaculate too. 

The most valuable asset of your luxury hotel is your staff. 

Ensure every member of your employees is happy, well-trained and empowered to prevent any hitches in operation and to deliver the greatest guest experience. 

Every member of each department should understand their goals and also have access to the resources and capabilities that are needed.  

Plan targets and standards for each department and determine employees' requirements and responsibilities along with their working schedule. 

6. Find a reliable service provider 

You need service providers for your hotel who can work independently without taking too much out of your schedule. 

Whether they offer catering, maintenance, marketing or consulting ensure they are great at their job, care about your hotel and understand that a partnership can be of mutual benefit. 

Nowhere is this more true than with your website agency. 

Selecting a partner who understands the power of direct bookings in driving efficiency, room revenue, and higher profit will repay you hundreds of times over.