I Found The Best Way To Find The Top Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing is a collection of discrete strategies which need to be carefully tailored to a variety of channels.

It’s not enough to have an eye-catching website or a great influencer network. 

Successful online marketing requires not just driving clicks, but also keeping users and customers engaged once they’ve landed on your content.

You need a top digital marketing agency to identify and set targets more efficiently, increase and personalise your reach.
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1. Search Engine Optimisation 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the Important factors in web page optimization.

SEO is the science of improving your search rankings so that more users are captured at the top of your sales funnel.

If your hotel website ranks at the top of the first results page it gets 42% of traffic (second place gets 11%).

You are not only your increasing brand’s reach and credibility, you will also receive more clicks.

When it comes to SEO, there are several other factors that you need to consider, including your internal linking, external linking, page speed, keywords, and several technical applications.

Keywords are king in search engine optimization and the goal is to target keywords that your website can rank for.

When creating an SEO strategy, it is of utmost importance that the right keywords are chosen for your content. 

The quality of the keywords directly affects your web traffic and then your number of leads.

Don’t let your independent hotel get lost on the internet. 

We at Aró ensure that your website will perform to its optimum level with our proficiency in SEO. As a top digital marketing agency, we aim to provide the best SEO service to our clients across the globe.

2. Internal Linking 

Domain Authority (DA) measures the quantity and quality of links pointing to a site or a page.  

When you link to your own pages, you boost their search rankings by distributing the site’s authority to individual pages.

Internal links are an essential strategy to make sure that authority is optimized and distributed throughout the site.

The higher the DA, the quicker Google will crawl your site and the higher you will rank on search engines.

DA is one of the key metrics we look at in our book direct strategy

If your authority is lower than your competitors you are likely to rank lower and lose valuable traffic. 

A great way to grow authority is through a backlink strategy. 

What is link building? 

It means curating relevant, quality links from other websites which point back to your own site. 

An element of the authority from the linking site flows to your site so it is more effective to have a lower number of high authority links than a large number of low authority links. 
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3. Element Markup

You must use schema to mark up elements on your hotel website.

This article is a great introduction to how marking up different elements on your website can lead Google to feature your result as a rich snippet. 

For example, your demographic information should be marked up using the address schema.org. FAQs are a type of schema and items such as recipes and events can also be  marked up so they can be featured in rich results.

Rich snippets will help you generate more traffic because they provide a bigger display on the results page and allow for a higher click-through rate.

4. Checking for Technical Issues

It is remarkable how many hotel websites fail to get even the basics right. 

Our previous blog outlines some of these factors and how important they are when implementing a high quality book direct strategy. 

When it comes to SEO, a variety of technical issues can prevent your website from showing up in search engines - from a misplaced “/” in the code to the same page showing up at multiple URLs.

If your agency doesn’t report on these type of metrics, ask them to check and audit your on-page SEO.
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5. Competitor Analysis

The hotel industry competition becomes fiercer every day. 

You must know your competitors and know what their next move is.

After that you can identify the market landscape, the gaps in the industry and develop your services to be a market leader.

Competitor analysis tells you about your property’s unique factors that gives you advantage over your competitors.

We at Aró conduct competitor research and analysis to provide insights to strategise your next moves.

6. Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click advertising is an effective way to generate more bookings on your website by increasing your site visitors and conversion rates.

In a PPC campaign you target a keyword to promote your website to potential searchers. 

There are different type of paid advertising, display advertising, Bing advertising, Gmail Ads, YouTube Videos, Meta search advertising, LinkedIn advertising, Google hotel ads and more besides.

We at Aró use our experience in copywriting, branding and website design to create ads which engage users and lead to high conversion rates and market leading returns.
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7. Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a powerful medium for hotels to connect with existing guests and to reach out to new potential guests. 

It is also a great way to use influencer marketing and user-generated content.

You don’t need to appear on every social media channel, some will be appropriate for you but others not. 

However it’s not enough to simply have beautiful Instagram or Facebook profiles. 

You need to make your hotel a desirable destination across all channels.

You must know what the best content for hotel social media marketing strategies is.

Moreover, you can use social media advertising, which is affordable, flexible and highly targeted.

If your property is willing to allocate a portion of the marketing budget, you can reach targetable and distinct mass audiences that you never had access to before.

There are different ways for hotel advertising including Facebook retargeting, lookalike audiences and brand awareness campaigns.

We at Aró understand that good social media advertising has the power of driving your direct bookings and increasing your online revenue.