Three Things Which Guests Want From Luxury Hospitality

What can luxury hotels offer to truly satisfy their guests?

Different segments of hotel guests have different expectations for their stay at a luxury hotel. 

A business traveler wants a quiet, comfortable room and 24 hour service providing solutions for any problems. 

A family wants a suite with interlinked rooms, great breakfasts and leisure amenities.

With levels of competition rising in the luxury hotel market daily, it is ever more important for hotels to stay at the top of their game when looking at the services they provide to a varied guest base. 

However luxury hotel guests are looking for much more than a room and a bed – they expect a personalised experience along with luxury hotel service standards that give them a complete break away from their regular schedules. 

And something to tell their friends and family about when they return home.

By empowering your staff to interact with guests in a personal way which still resonates with your brand message, your hotel immediately has the power to positively impact the hotel guest experience.

Let’s have a look at the most common factors that guests consider when booking a stay at their favourite luxury hotel.

1. The In-hotel experience

Our recent podcast with Pat Kinsley from Neworld highlights what the top luxury hotels need to do to in order to deliver complete guest satisfaction. 

And he says ‘the most valuable asset that any hotel has is its people.

From the minute a guest books with you, consider their journey and touchpoints with your hotel.

Think of yourself as a luxury guest, how would you expect the hotel staff to treat you?

Train your staff to deal with issues effectively while retaining an element of personality. 

They need to have the ability to think on their feet but they also must be problem-solving while adding value to the guest experience.

Every hotel offers a room and a bed for the night. 

Luxury hospitality is about delivering value-added service and an experience which resonates with your guests long after they check out.

2. Your Onlyness

What is unique about your luxury hotel? 

Could you sum it up in 3 or 4 words which capture the spirit of everything that you aim to do? 

If you can do this and use it to inform every aspect of your guests’ experience you are on the road to success. 

Consider what your messaging conjured up in their minds when they first heard about you or looked at you on Google.  

The booking experience through to check-in. 

The tone of voice in the hotel and the coherence of your brand promise with their experience. 

The checkout and importantly what follows on later leading into the TripAdvisor review

Do they all work together and get into a whole which delivers on your onlyness? 

A luxury hotel has to deliver an experience which not only delivers rich satisfaction to its guests but also stands apart from its competitors.
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3. The Sweet Spot

A luxury guest will have expectations of their stay when they book at your hotel – they will have an assumption of what they are going to get.

If you not only deliver on these expectations but exceed them then you are in the sweet spot where you have a happy guest who will have a great stay, leave a glowing review and advocate for you.

It could be a host of things they experience or it could be one small thing which a staff member does for them. Think of it like putting on a show – how is your hotel going to blow them out of the water with a performance of energy and passion which leaves them wanting more?