Success Story: Abbeyglen Castle Hotel

Looking for an experience to remember? 

Abbeyglen Castle Hotel, beautifully located in the Connemara town of Clifden, is the perfect spot for a peaceful yet lively getaway with family and friends. 

The castle was built in 1832 overlooking the gorgeous mountain ranges in the surroundings. 

The luxury four-star hotel is currently run by the Hughes family. 

The guests are pampered like royalty with a gorgeous throne placed just at the entrance of the hotel. 

While the traditional look and feel of the castle has been maintained over the years, modern comfort is guaranteed at the estate.
Each bedroom at the castle has a classic feel and is unique in its structure and character. 

Guests have a variety to choose from depending on their type of visit and stay, they can choose from the original rooms, standard rooms, superior rooms, castle suites and also have options for self-catering luxury accommodation. 

The self-catering accommodation boasts stylishly furnished 5 en-suite bedrooms with two living areas, mesmerising the guests with the gorgeous views of the Twelve Bens and Clifden Town. 

Guests at the self-catering accommodation can enjoy the PlayStation, table tennis and a host of other indoor activities with full access to services in the hotel as well.
Their guests love the way each member of the team at Abbeyglen is extremely warm and welcoming. 

That is what the hotels prides itself in: “Where they welcome you as guests & you leave as friends”. 

The hotel has four pianos, two of which are in the lobby where the guests can enjoy an evening with friends and family listening to beautiful live music from some of the local artists.
Regarded as one of the best restaurants in Clifden, Abbeyglen Castle Restaurant is known for its affordable luxury dining experience. 

The restaurant was opened by the Hughes family in 1960 and since then it has been known for its customer service and unrivalled hospitality. 

The restaurant is known for its lively atmosphere with live music overlooking the harbour and Connemara landscape. 

While guests can enjoy various attractions at the Abbeyglen Castle and Connemara area, like cycling, a walk around the 4-mile circular historical track, table tennis and snooker, our particular favourite was the landing of helicopters on the 3 private helipads at the hotel. 

While some of the guests arrive in style at the property, others get to experience the thrill of helicopters landing from the windows of their exclusive suites. 

The hotel has 4.6 stars on Google reviews and 4.5 on Trip Advisor with many guests praising the luxury 4-star experience at the hotel. 

Many guests are regulars at the property who prefer going to the estate to celebrate their special occasions or just as a family trip every year.
Abbeyglen Castle Hotel joined hands with Aró in 2020 as their book direct partner and, as this podcast with Ronan Hughes relates, Aró’s book direct strategy effectively saved their business from going under during the pandemic. 

The website of the hotel is easy to navigate and displays the panoramic views of the estate and from the Estate in the home page video.

The hotel website has variety of content for people arriving in Connemara for the first time, with offers throughout the years and a gift vouchers call to action on the site. 

For guests who are aware of the property, the website landing page has an open booking panel that converts approximately 25% more than a closed booking panel. 

With the right Search Engine Optimisation strategies in place, the hotel’s organic ranking is on the first page of SERPs for “luxury hotels Connemara” and “hotels in Connemara”. 

On a 4G speed in Ireland, Abbeyglen Castle hotel’s website takes exactly 2 seconds to load which reflects that the site is optimised for positive user experience and interface. 

Abbeyglen has a unique and refreshing personality, whether it is the lively property or the staff at the hotel, their guests are sure to be delighted with the experience and return to the property with their loved ones.