Five Ways to Optimise your Hotel Website for Direct Bookings

In a world full of digital business advancements, we are constantly striving to improve, to be better for our customers daily. 

In the luxury hotel industry, where hotels are looking to increase their direct bookings, it is imperative that the hotel website should be the best. 

Not only does your website help you to be found on the internet, it also markets your luxury hotel brand and drives increased revenue and profit.

As a business owner, it is normal to expect over time an increased conversion rate from your website, improved direct booking ratio and finally a  reduction in the amount of commission paid to the OTAs.
Here we look at the top 5 ways in which Aró Digital Strategy can make your website more user friendly to deliver the best user experience and improve your luxury hotel’s direct bookings.

1.Visually Appealing Designs

Luxury comes along with beauty and the beauty of your hotel begins to shine from your website. 

At Aró, we have a dedicated design team of professional who work with our clients on their requirements from the time that they sign up. 

Our team especially focuses on the look and feel of the hotel to understand the client needs and deliver website designs that reflect the true personality of the hotel. 

We ensure that the identity of your luxury hotel is reflected in the color scheme at the same time ensuring that the background colors are in harmony with the font and text that has been selected for the website.

Get a Stunning Website with Aró Digital Strategy


A website should be designed for an intuitive and logical navigation through various pages. 

This means that the website is designed to keep in mind the comfort of the users; and the fact that it looks and behaves the way users expect it to. 

Sometimes, it might be tempting to test complicated and new website features while giving a run through to the users on how to navigate the website. 

However, most luxury hotel website users are looking for a simple yet elegant design that can solve their purpose of visiting the site in an efficient manner. 

They might not try and learn a new feature on the site when they are just looking for a quick booking for their upcoming weekend.

3.Load Time

Imagine yourself waiting for a website to load so you can make your reservations at a restaurant, for a flight or even a luxury 5-star hotel. 

Online users today are impatient and looking for a swift experience when they visit your website. 

At Aró, we make sure to check and monitor your website speed before and after it has gone live to ensure a smooth customer experience. 

We make sure that any of our clients’ websites do not take more than 3 seconds to load on a 4G network in Ireland. 

To make this happens, we use compressed high-quality videos and images, and optimised HTML and Java Script amongst many other regular health checks for the website. 

A key factor is to make sure that our sites pass Google’s Core Web Vitals tests.

4.Open Booking Panel

As mentioned earlier, visitors on your website are looking for a swift experience without the hassle of a slow website or having to go through several pages to complete their desired action. 

The Aró Booking engine is linked on the landing page of the website with an open booking panel, where the guests can easily select the date of their arrival and departure from your hotel, view prices and book with a three-step format that reduces unnecessary click throughs on the website. 

The Aró open booking panel has proved to increase direct booking by a minimum of 25% for most of our existing clients.

Aró Booking Engine

5.Call to Actions

However much effort you put in your website, none of it is relevant if the calls to action (CTAs) on the website are not strong enough. 

These are click through buttons that convert your users towards a goal that you have set from your website. 

CTAs for your luxury hotel may be “Book Now”, “See Prices”, “Contact Us” or “Buy Now”. Aró websites make sure to include these CTAs where necessary and from where they can be expected to convert maximally. 

For example, we include a “book now” CTA for our clients along with each image on the gallery page, which allows users to easily book a room while browsing through your hotel’s images. 

This is an easy way to convert visitors without giving them the hassle of going back to the home page to book a room. 

Another example would be having gift voucher CTAs on the website during the festive season, when people are mostly looking for Christmas giveaways for their loved ones. 

With 20 plus years in the industry Aró Digital Strategy has been constantly working hard to improve the services provided to our clients. 

Over the years we have implemented significant improvements in our web designs and noticed higher conversions for our clients. 

We regularly test our client websites and also perform A/B tests for them to learn and understand user behaviour on these websites to keep up with the fast-changing customer trends online. 

Contact us now to learn more on how Arὸ Digital Strategy can improve your luxury hotel website and boost your online direct revenues. 

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