Luxury Trends to Look out for in 2022

Working in the luxury hotel sector, we can be sure beyond doubt that the industry is ever evolving. 

Luxury trends can often change within a blink of an eye and keeping up with these trends is the only way to maintain a strong influence and position in the market. 

In this blog we will discuss the changes and developments in technological trends that are expected to disrupt the luxury hotel market in 2022.

While 2021 saw major expansion in digitalisation of products and services available in the market, 2022 is expected to take the world of digital to a whole new level.

Transient social media 

A few years back Snapchat introduced the concept of stories which meant that every time a user posted something on their story, the content was short lived and would archive after a certain period of time, essentially 24-hrs. 

This trend was then acquired by other social media platforms for their users as well. 

Many brands, like Balenciaga, saw an opportunity to use this particular feature as a means to create a buzz amongst viewers around the suspense of missing out on content from these popular brands. 

Consumers started following these brands and allowing notifications on their mobile phones for every time their favourite brand posted online. 

Luxury Hotels can use this feature to engage their audiences online with offers for limited period of time encouraging users to engage with the brand and involve their contacts as well within a limited period of time to avail these offers.

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Influencers do Influence 

Social Media today runs on the simple philosophy of influencing and encouraging your followers to get involved in a conversation around your brand and hence increasing its reach. 

Social Media influencers who have a massive following online can be contacted to experience your luxury hotel products and services. 

They review these on their profiles with a ‘paid partnership’ branding and engage their followers. 

This will not only increase the reach of your profile but also influence your target market to try your services because their favourite influencer has had positive feedback for the same.

Shoppable Social 

Social Media platforms are in the testing phase of including shopping links within posts and videos uploaded online. 

While users are engaging in your content online, they can also view products offered by you and make a purchase directly from the platform. 

While this feature has only been rolled out to some users in the US and UK on a beta testing model, it is expected to have a global launch in 2022. 

Luxury Hotels should be prepared for this upgrade and plan their social content strategy in advance to be ahead of the market. 

One example of using this feature could be including ‘Gift Voucher’ purchase options in hotel videos uploaded on social media platforms.

Content is King 

Content strategy for your website and search engines will still remain a crucial part of the digital domain and hence it will be extremely important to focus on Technical SEO, i.e., optimising your website to be readable and searchable by Google Bots. 

It will still be important to research your audiences’ requirements and use relevant keywords that will drive more online traffic to your website. 

Research shows that over 50% of searchers still prefer Search Engines like Google to get answers to their queries and hence it is important to be relevant in this domain to succeed in the long term.

While there are expected to be many other updates with the coming year, these are some of the top things that luxury hotels can get themselves a head start on.

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