Hotel Internet Booking Engine Features For Best Conversion

Are you seizing every opportunity to convert the visitors on your website into a potential customer?

With the summer months upon us, many luxury hotels in Ireland and abroad are going to face availability issues, hence a disappointment for customers who would love to enjoy that margarita by your gorgeous pool.

Imagine where would these customers go if they were to see no availability at your hotel on a given date?

They are more than likely to either land on a competitor’s website or go to OTAs to book their stay, causing you loss of revenue.

Every single visitor on website matters! With resources often stretched to the limits, no hotel these days can afford to lose a single conversion opportunity. Nor should you!

We are sold out. What can I do to make sure I don’t lose these customers?

That’s what we’re here for. 

Aró Digital Strategy’s booking engine not only provides an easy to use 3-step booking navigation for your customers but also shows them the availability within your hotel for the next 12-months with room prices.

For example - a customer wishes to book your hotel for the June long weekend, but they notice you are fully booked. 

If you were to show this customer a single view of ‘no availability on selected dates’, they are left with no choice but to leave the site without taking an action. 

However, if you display prices and availability for the next week in a calendar view with an option to manually select different dates, this customer might actually consider booking on your website for a later date or a special event later that they have in mind.

Just like on airline websites, this calendar option on your hotel website will give travelers the flexibility to book the best rates available at their convenience in advance.

The Aró booking engine also allows the user to select between different upgrades of rooms available at your property. 

This means that if your ‘classic’ rooms are booked out for a particular date, the customer always has a choice to book the ‘supreme’ room at a slightly different price but with far more comfort in the upgraded room and without the hassle of finding a competitor to stay with.

With this calendar view, you can make sure that you are not sold out until your last room is sold out.

Aró Digital Strategy

With the Aró Booking engine, our clients can also offer their valuable customers different voucher options on the website. 

With vouchers customers can always choose a service or a monetary credit to be spent at your hotel if the dates selected by them are currently unavailable.

Your luxury customer can select the voucher value and conveniently choose delivery options. 

They can get this voucher delivered directly to themselves or choose a recipient for gifting. 

They can also select between physical voucher or an email to be sent to the recipient.

We are currently also working on several amazing upgrades to the Aró hotel booking engine with some great data driven features available to our clients by the end of this year.

To learn more and get a ‘5-star by every measure’ booking engine, contact us now.