Aró Digital Strategy's Scorecard is Live now!

At Aró Digital Strategy, we are constantly working towards delivering a 5-star by every measure service to our clients.

We have been working on some exciting new projects within the company and one such project is a tie up with ScoreApp to deliver a short insight into luxury independent hotels’ book direct strategy.

Our scorecard is now live - you answer 12 simple questions to discover how your luxury hotel’s book direct performance rates. 

We provide a bespoke assessment of your strategy along with some tailored suggestions to improve your online strategies in order to drive more online bookings and increase your revenue.

Why Scorecard?

· It takes just 2 minutes

· It’s completely free

· Receive customised results instantly

How does it work?

When you answer the 12 yes or no questions based on your current online strategy, it produces an overall score highlighting areas for improvement. 

Our stated aim is to get our clients above 50% direct bookings i.e. more than 50% of their room revenue is generated via their own website/Internet Booking Engine. 

This results in reduced commissions paid to the OTAs and travel agents, increased room revenue and higher profit.

Aró Score Card

This requires a strong focus on the four pillars of acquisition, engagement, conversion and retention of direct booking guests. 

For many hotels it requires a complete shift in the way they think about their digital strategy. At Aró, we do this for our clients so they don’t have to do it themselves. 

We focus on 180+ Key Performance Indicators under the four pillars to develop and deliver a book direct strategy that will be extremely fruitful to your luxury hotel.