With the end of year approaching, and Christmas and New Year being top season for engagements, now is a good time for a quick review of your digital wedding marketing, so you ensure to capitalise on the flurry of excited couples looking for venues straight after that all important question gets that positive answer! 

Here’s our list of top things to do so you can make sure you’re ready for maximum conversions this engagement season:

1. Website Content 

Have a quick review of your wedding content on your website. 

Ensure beautiful Wedding Imagery & Video are used- only use the best images on your website. 

Less is more in this case.

2. Advertising Campaigns

Start a digital wedding advertising campaign as soon as possible on Google and Social Media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

3. Dedicated Area at the Hotel 

Dedicate a special couple’s area in your reception area for couples enquiring to sit with your Events Co-ordinator so that all staff know they are VIPs and offer congratulations to the couples.

4. Display your best

Have your wedding event spaces looking their best for walk-in show arounds immediately after Christmas and NYE

5. Showcase Bedrooms 

Have a beautiful suite ready to show to the couples on their visit to your property.

6. Rehearse your Routes 

Have a rehearsed route at your hotel to best showcase the property and have your needs analysis questions prepared and personalised

7. Wedding Presentations 

Have your wedding presentation ready to show to couples with the best of past wedding images to provide them with inspiration for their wedding 

8. Small Takeaways

Consider a small giveaway for appropriate couples, like a branded planning your day diary. 

9. Enquiries Tracker 

Start an enquiries tracker for your luxury hotel and follow up. 

Aró Booking Engine

Since this time around the year is expected to be busier with Wedding Enquiries, it is always a good practice to keep your website fully optimised and ready for these enquries. 

Here are the main things to consider- Create a dedicated micro site for weddings and optimise it for SEO and digital performances. 

Use high quality images and ensure your wedding pages are search engine optimised with tags properly used.  

Consider 3rd party affiliations for photography and a bespoke website.

Contact us now at Aró Digital Strategy and learn more about how you can create engaging bespoke website with great focus on customer conversion and retention with increased revenue and sales. 

Photo courtesy: Hayfield Manor