Luxury Hotel Book Direct Scorecard

Highlight areas for growth in your direct room revenue

This simple scorecard has been designed to show independent, luxury hotels how well optimised their digital strategy is for direct bookings on their own website.

  • Check your website engagement & conversion
  • Receive instant feedback
  • Discuss your results in a free consultation
" 5 Star By Every Measure, We Maximise Online Growth For Independent Luxury Hotels And Brands "

How Does It Work?

Answer 12 yes/no questions based on your current online strategy to produce an overall score highlighting areas for improvement. Our stated aim is to get our clients to over 50% direct booking - that is more than 50% of their room revenue comes via their own Internet booking engine (IBE).

There are several strategy changes required in order to make that happen. We have broken some of these down into four key areas of focus: Acquisition, Engagement, Conversion & Retention.