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Titanic Liverpool Hotel
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Intelligent Hotel Report

AróElite is a comprehensive reporting system designed to highlight metrics that really matter to your business. It combines information from your booking engine, email marketing campaigns and Google Analytics - allowing you to analyse your hotel’s online performance at a glance. 

Each month you will receive a detailed review of your revenue figures, visitor information, website health status and marketing activities. Showcasing data in a simple, appealing format, your digital report compares your performance to the same month in the previous year. 

In addition to providing financial figures, this innovative platform allows you to set individual targets that are the most relevant to your operations. For instance, if one of your key revenue channels is weddings, you can check instantly how many times your brochure has been downloaded.

We aim to ease your daily pressures by presenting information in a straightforward structure.  Having clearly defined KPIs for digital performance in one place aids communication within your team.

Eye-catching ‘traffic light’ icons highlight areas of concern so you can recognise trends and take swift action based on these recommendations. Our intelligent reporting system was built with one goal in mind: to help you drive your hotel’s online revenue to new heights.