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Hotel All-in-One Social Media Solutions

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is affordable, flexible and highly targeted. You can yield real and measurable results with minimum investment.

Did you know that 2 billion people use Facebook and over 500 million engage with Instagram every month? Unlock your potential audience with creative storytelling and sharp targeting methods.

From bringing people back to your website to book a room, to promoting your events and other aspects of your business to new customers, we offer social media advertising solutions that deliver reach and clicks. As an accomplished Facebook advertising agency, we vigorously test, experiment and tweak until you get the maximum results from your campaign.

Just looking for a helping hand? We can audit your organic social media strategy and offer consultancy on both paid and organic posts to help you get more clicks to your website.

Facebook Retargeting

You can target people with Facebook ads who have already visited your website. Offering a unique incentive (such as an upgrade or special discount), you can encourage potential customers to complete their e-commerce purchase. 

Highly persuasive and powerful, this form of advertising can yield more direct bookings. 

Lookalike Audiences

Extending your marketing arsenal, you can also find people on Facebook who resemble your existing website visitors. Identifying common characteristics such as demographic information or special interests, Facebook ads can significantly extend your marketing reach.

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Selecting from a collection of appealing storytelling formats, you can capture your audience’s attention and showcase your brand across various devices.

You can connect with your core audience or target people based on their interests, demographics and location, using videos, slideshow, photo or carousel ads, across both Facebook and Instagram platforms. Your options are limitless.