Friday, 29 June 2018

Google Hotel Ads: The Powerful Marketing Channel Your Hotel Needs

Google is quickly emerging as the key player on the hotel distribution market, giving and Trivago a run for their money. 

Take This Example

A traveler is interested in booking a holiday at the famed Hayfield Manor hotel in Cork. A Google search ensues. 


As you can see on the right, a range of rates, i.e. Google Hotel Ads are immediately visible - the browser doesn’t even need to visit any websites. Press BOOK A ROOM and the customer is only a click away from that dream holiday. 

See how the hotel’s own website is visible alongside the OTAs? Not only does the listing feature the hotel’s official website, but it also offers the best rate. Customers will be strongly compelled to book this direct option - saving on the hotel’s hefty commission fees and building a stronger relationship with the guests right from the start. 

The hotel will also gain greater visibility on other non-brand keywords like ‘5 star hotel cork’. In the image, you can see that Hayfield Manor displays first in the Google 3 Pack with the price for the date that was searched. This can also be seen if searching ‘cork hotels’ on Google Maps.

How Google Hotel Ads Works

Available in more than 100 countries, Google Hotel Ads can showcase your room rates on, Google Maps and Google+, across desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Whether travellers are searching for your particular brand name or just hotels in your general location, they will be shown a variety of rates linked to online travel agents, global metasearch engines and the hotel’s own listing.

Your hotel’s official website will only be listed here if you specifically opted in and provided Google with your up-to-date inventory, rates and room types. Google Hotel Ads follow the PPC model; you will only be charged when your ad generates a click or a booking. Additionally, your hotel’s website will only be shown if there is availability for the search date. Don’t have availability? Then the hotel isn’t shown and you don’t pay for the click.  

Why Does Your Hotel Need Google Hotel Ads?

In the era of powerful OTAs and rising commission fees, hoteliers constantly search for ideas to direct traffic to their own booking engine. Google Hotel Ads do just that. 

According to Google, 60% of leisure guests and 55% of business travellers use its search engine to plan their trips. That provides ample opportunity to get your name out there and capture your audience during its buying journey. 

Using this powerful marketing tool, you can reclaim control of your brand name online and own the relationship with your customers.

But you must meet a crucial condition.

As price points are shown instantly, you have to offer the lowest rate on your own website in order to attract clicks. Your rank on the Google Hotel Ads listing also depends on the rate displayed - the more competitive you are, the better visibility you get. 
As the rate parity clause in third party contracts is now deemed to be unlawful in many European countries, hoteliers can negotiate with more confidence. When it comes to leading meta-search engines (such as TripAdvisor, Trivago, Skyscanner), evidence shows that Google Hotels Ads present the best return on investment.
By the time these browsers get to your site, they have already gone through the purchasing funnel and ready to complete their transaction.

When Hilton turned to Google Hotel Ads to boost bookings at all its properties worldwide, online conversion rates improved by 45% and the hotel chain achieved a 12% overall increase in ROI. 

Google is constantly changing the digital sphere. Following recent updates to its search result page, organic listings are sliding lower and lower. This effect is felt even more acutely on a smaller mobile screen. No matter how committed you are to diligent SEO and well-optimised PPC campaigns, Google Hotels Ads is now another must in order to stay in the online race. 

“You’re going to need a bigger welcome mat.” - promises Google on its website introducing Hotel Ads. Let’s put their word to the test and say hello to better profitability. 

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