Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has existed for over 70 years and has been ever evolving. 

In more recent years, the hospitality industry has seen an intervention of AI to deliver several data driven, communication and customer service tasks with very little or no human interaction at all. 

What is AI?

In simple terms, Artificial Intelligence refers to machines and computers performing tasks like decision making, learning lessons, recognising or intercepting speech that would normally be in the hands of a human. 

The process is based on the ideas of automation with these machines and computers working on codes and instructions pre-set by humans for them to later be self-dependent.
Businesses today are collecting vast swathes of data that, if efficiently utilised to provide high end customer services and deliverables, will prove to be highly successful for the organization. 

How can AI help Hoteliers?

One of the biggest aims for a luxury hotel is to provide a ‘5-star by every measure’ service to their high end customers with little or no scope for error and in record time. 

This can sometimes be challenging with human intervention. 

Hotels these days are drifting towards AI driven solutions to minimise human errors and provide brilliant customer services to their customers. 

These can include robots being used at the customer service desk, for delivery of room service or for managing the data collected from the customers. 

Moreover, AI can assist with tasks like data analysis, calculations and problem solving, all of which can be valuable to hotel owners.

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Here’s a look at how you can use AI in your luxury hotel:

1.Data Processing and Data Analysis 

As a luxury hotelier, you are often dealing with large amounts of customer data, from their contact details to their likes and dislikes, and also customer reviews about your hotel. With the right investment in technology, you can sort this data quickly and accurately to deliver high standards of service, which if done by a human will take significantly more time and potentially contain more errors. 

At Aró Digital Strategy, our team works on delivering futuristic AI driven data on occupancy rates throughout the year to our successful clients, so they are always a step ahead to prepare for busier or quieter periods of time. 

2.Customer Service

While this is fairly straight-forward, the involvement of AI in customer service gets more fascinating with time. 

Hotels have started using their in-house robots to provide tourists with details of local attractions, directions and services available on the premises if they are spoken to. 

One such example is the robot Connie at the Hilton hotels. Another example of AI solutions which emerged during the pandemic was voice control features installed in elevators and rooms at the hotels. 

These would ask customers to call out their floor number in the elevator or change the temperature of the air conditioner with just a voice command. 

3.Online chat bots 

Gone are the days when people would refer back to a FAQ page to get answers to their questions. 

With extensive changes in technology, people have become more and more impatient and demand answers in real time. 

Hotels are adapting to chat bot systems on their websites, where people can easily ask questions and the chat bot will answer right there without them having to leave the landing page. 

While this is a highly convenient feature for the customers, it also allows the hotel to keep the attention of the website visitor on the landing page without the risk of losing them to a redirected FAQ page. 

Like we mentioned, the technology industry is ever evolving and there is a significant impact on the hospitality industry with these changes. 

Hoteliers have a vast pool of expansion opportunities with AI that will not only improve the customer experience online and offline but also deliver better data driven results to the hotel itself. 

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