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Google Hotel Ads Integration Partner, Drive More Bookings

Google Hotel Ads

As part of your hotel web advertising plans, experiment with Google Hotel Ads to compete with online travel agents.  Whether guests are looking for generic travel terms or your hotel’s brand name, you can get in front of potential bookers and pay only when someone clicks on your name. 


  • Highly effective channel
  • Additional direct bookings
  • Increased visibility - especially on mobile
  • Customers find your hotel earlier in the booking journey
  • Works in parallel with other booking engine providers
  • Optimised for ROI when managed by Aró
  • Creates a culture of booking direct

Google Hotel Ads allow users to search availability and compare prices without even visiting your website. You can get your hotel in front of people at multiple stages of their purchasing journey, from when they search a generic term like ‘hotels in London’, to when they specifically search for your hotel’s name.

Hotel ads can appear within Google’s search results page or on Google Maps. The prices appear under ‘check availability’ on the Google My Business listing and users are brought to the hotel’s booking engine. Therefore, it’s a very powerful, high converting channel, especially on mobile.

This additional visibility allows hotels to steal back users that are highly likely to book on an OTA that are already reaping the benefits of a Google Hotel ad integration. This space has proven to drive revenue that would not have come to the website otherwise and converts at a rate higher than many other online channels.

Using a CPC model, we highly optimise the campaign to get the best return for you. Any bookings made through the channel will be at a lower cost, given the strength of the CPC strategy we employ and the low commission on the Aró booking engine. 

We set up and manage Google Hotel Ads at no extra cost - you just provide the budget and we deliver the ROI.