Aró Digital Internet Booking Engine and Opera Web Services

In line with Aró Digital's policy of continuous improvement and providing a best in class Internet booking engine (IBE) , the Aró Digital IBE is now fully certified with Oracle for Opera Web Services (OWS) integration. Our multi property IBE is now live with Imperial Hotels London and OWS; it will be rolled out to other Opera clients in the coming months.

As lockdown restrictions are removed, travellers realise the benefits of dealing with a hotel directly. The pandemic saw OTAs come in for heavy criticism over for example their refund policies. Now is the best time to take advantage of your guest relationships and get the full benefit from this direct booking opportunity. 

Convert lookers into bookers with the best booking engine for hotels that is tailor made for your brand.

The Aró booking engine allows you to:

  • Increase your hotel visibility to reach luxury guests and drive more conversions with the slickest booking experience.
  • Maximize your revenue with offers, upsells and packages.
  • Increase your profit with low-commission bookings.
  • Retain control of your guests.
  • Provide a loyalty program.
  • Provide the best user experience from the beginning of the guest journey to booking a room. 

How to maximise the conversion of luxury guests?

Having spent significant effort and possibly cost in attracting guests to your website, it is essential for your business that you convert as many as possible to making a booking on the site

The Aró booking engine is designed for independent luxury hotels. We keep your guests front and centre to drive direct bookings through your website. 

We make sure your guests can book with ease. 

We have done a deep dive into data from hundreds of hotels across the world, from hip city hideaways to country houses and beach resorts. 

From that research and working with our experts and client advisors we've put together an overview of what drives hotel website conversion rates. 

We help you boost your direct revenue with a conversion focused booking tool. 

Here are some features of the Aró booking engine which our tests prove work:

  • Up-sell features
  • Gift voucher integration
  • Special offer integration
  • Urgency messaging
  • Discount codes
  • Quick load time

It ensures a safe transaction, integrates with major payment gateways with PCI compliance and guarantees you’re paid instantly. 

A loyalty function can be added so that repeat booking is incentivised. 

Crucially it incorporates comprehensive reporting so you can track revenue and the effect of any changes.

award-winning Aro reservation system for luxury hotels

Seamless booking experience

The Aró direct book system is fully adaptive to your brand and website. 

It offers users a simple, quick, secure and intuitive reservation process.

It helps you to enhance your digital strategy with:

  • Channel manager integration
  • Multilingual options
  • Multiple currencies
  • Privilege login function
  • Derived Rate Set-Up

And it also helps you to highlight your brand with a high-end booking solution with:

  • Seamless web Integration 
  • Superior user Experience 
  • Luxury branding 
  • In-depth reports 
  • Competitive commission fee

Mobile-first technology

Today, we carry the web in our pockets. 

It is ready for action whenever and wherever we need to know, find or purchase something.
The chances are your independent hotel’s website will first be discovered by potential guests on mobile. 

This initial experience with your website will influence their decisions to book with you or not. 

Although guests may use up to four devices during their booking, over 65% will book on a mobile device.

We test and retest our booking engine so it is optimised for each device in order to deliver the easiest possible booking experience for your guests.

Aró is confident of the best mobile booking conversion rates in the Independent hotel market. 

Some mobile specific features we provide for your property website:

  • A mobile A/B test strategy to focus on your users’ needs.
  • Tailored to mobile users with proper booking forms
  • Fast mobile experience
  • Call to action led 
  • 5 day booking view


The Aró booking engine is built and optimised so your booking strategy performs at its best at all times.

Mobile-first design captures every opportunity on-the-go with a seamless 3-step guest booking experience.

We make sure that the best deal is being promoted right on your website in order to deliver the best conversion rate.

We also provide multilingual and currency support. 

Your guests will have the best booking experience with the best booking engine for hotels.